September 22, 2006

It's back, and we are going full out

KC is out of town this weekend with the football team. They went off to San Diego this afternoon. He is such a sweetheart. Last night we were goofing off, laughing hysterically, when he stopped and looked at me seriously and just said, "Vieve, I love you". This is why I love him. Because of those simple things that he does. I hate football season, because he is always away with the team. I get missing him so much, weekend after weekend of him being gone is killing me. But after this weekend I only have 3 more to go. I just have to stick it out.

SO what does sticking it out entail? Well for a start, Scrapbook USA is back for it's semi-annual event. Kelsy and I usually attend the saturday expo due the fact that the craziness has worn off some, but really it hasn't that much. But this year we are making it a get together with some family members.

I was totally stoked for the events until I was coming home from my morning workout at 7am. I was listening to the local radio station that was broadcasting from the expo center. They mentioned that the show opened at 10am, then proceeded on to an interview with a woman who had been there since 6am. She and her 2 sisters had planned out there whole set up for the expo on the way down from 3 cities away. She declared, "We had to map out which table we would run for, because you never know what it is going to be like so you have to plan for these things." I was shocked. They got there 4 hours early and they have to make plans for a table? What is going to happen tonight when I show up 8 hours after it has started and try to get a table? Maybe the Friday show really is more chaotic. But WTH, we are going to have fun even if we have to scrapbook on the floor.

And not only do I have scrapbooking today, my good friend Krysta's scrapbook b-day party is tomorrow. This should be a fun filled weekend. Hope you all have a great weekend, too. Go roller skating if you are at a loss for an activity. Wink-wink.

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  1. kelsinater5:15:00 PM

    hey nice story p.s. i love the roller skating pictures!