September 21, 2006

Greedy K Skate Party

So for Greedy K's B-day party yesterday, we all went Rollerskating. Considering none of us had been rollerskating for over 10 years we did much better than I expected. But that is not to say that we did well and that no one fell on their butt.

We started out without the birthday girl, because her hubby took her to a local classy restaurant. While she was eating gourmet fondue, we were eating subs, chips and dip, and completely enjoying ourselves. Over dinner we debated on who was getting rollerblades and who was going to attempt the classic 80's skates. Only one of us fell into the rollerblade trap, KC. When we first got on the floor it was like all of the confidence we pretend to have was completely revealed as a complete act. Everyone was trying to balance with their butts sticking up and their torso leaning forward. Falls where happening everywhere. My mom even took a swan dive forward. But the night is best explained in pictures, so here we go:

Joff choose the classic skates. Of all the people that were there last night, jonathan looked most out of place on the skating rink. He usually exudes this exhilerating energy at parties like this. But he was too concerned about falling. His wife, who is preg, stood on the side and watched in laughter as Joff wobbled around the floor.

Here is my boy KC, showing off his rollerblades, he couldn't go for the classic skates. But it actually came in pretty handy when someone needed a lift off their butt. OH, he looks so cute!

Here we are. Don't you just love the blurred background? Luckily we got this picture in before I lost my balance. I do have to say that rollerskating is way harder than I remember it to be. And I didn't feel like Jessica Simpson in her video, "A Public Affair", maybe next time.

This is our group shot. I am sure we will be back there again! Posted by Picasa


  1. cute pics vieve! i look so odd though. why am i standing so far away from the family?

  2. I was wondering that myself? But you still look cute!!!!