August 25, 2006


I got myself up at 5:45 and booked it to a step class this morning. I don't know what got into me. But now I am tired, and so I feel like rambling on here to keep myself awake. Plus Greedy K isn't in the office (she is camping, now that is a scary thought), so she isn't coming in every ten minutes to do a little jig. That keeps me entertained? Sad.

This has seriously been the longest month of my life. I think it is because I had to find a new roommate, and I was trying to decide how many classes I should take, etc. But I did find a new roommate. The only qualification I asked was if she communicates that she is mad at me by leaving poo in the toilet. JK. But I will be glad to see that stuff gone. And this girl seems like a happy person. My roomate now, is so grumpy. Well, I guess if you are dating a gay guy, then you have full right to be. I am so mean. But my new roommate seems pretty cool. We will see when she actually moves in. But the best part is that I am moving into the master bedroom. Hooray I can finally watch MTV in my bed.

This weekend we are going to try to go up into the mountains to roast marshmellows. I am stoked. I hate camping (poor Greedy K), but I love going up the mountain and sitting by the fire for a few hours. And tin foil dinners are my fav! We are going to try making smores with symphony bars...yummy! Well, I hope all of you have a great weekend! Sorry if my rambling was boring. See you next time!

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  1. So you like my dancing? Deep down I knew you did.