July 31, 2006

California Blues

Boy, I am missing California right now! I am back at work, and back to all the stresses of the world. Bummer! But luckily I am almost done with the first day back, which tends to be the hardest.

The trip was fantastic (minus some hazardous driving situations-which I am not about to get into). I was amazed to feel the driving portion fly by, and before I knew it I was sitting in the bleachers at a dodgers game. If you have never been to a MLB game, then I highly suggest it. It was next to disneyland for my favorite part of the trip. We got to the game late, and after buying dodger dogs, I got to watch 3 innings, but it was worth it.

Sunday, we traveled to San Diego to visit with family. The fam is wonderful. We sat at a park right on the beach and had the best hamburgers ever (made by my uncle david)! My aunt Vickey, the aunt that we ran for at the race for the cure, looked fabulous. It felt so good to sit around and chat with all my cousins, too.

The next few days proceeded in complete mayhem. KC and Daniel took off for six flags, while we headed to the beach. Tuesday we attended the taping of Last Comic Standing. The comedians were hilarious, and we got autographs and pictures with the contestants. Even better than that we were shown on tv that night. KC, Randy, and I all got a few minutes on the television.

Wednesday, the 3 kids, KC, and I all went to disneyland. The new pirates ride is awesome!!!! I thought we were going to have to yell man overboard when Hilary first spotted the Jack Sparrow addition to the ride. She was freaking out. Despite what everyone says about Disneyland in the summer, I thought it was great. We never waited more than a half an hour for a ride. Not only did we ride everything, we got on some rides twices. We even left the park 3 hours early, because we had gotten through everything we wanted to do.

The rest of the trip we decided to lay low. We spent the time shopping, going to in n' out and the cheesecake factory, and laying by the ocean/pool. All in all it was a fantastic trip. And I have to give props to KC, for being with my family that long under close quarters, he was absolutely amazing! Well, I will post pictures here in the next few days.

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  1. I saw you guys! Ok, so it was only after Kylie pointed it out, but still... it was very exciting to see people I knew on tv!