July 20, 2006

I Never Help The Cause.

So earlier this week I posted about throwing up on a trip to St. George. I never mentioned that I probably don't help the cause when it comes to car sickness. You see last night KC and I went to the grocery store and stocked up on food for the drive. Vacations are great, because all diets (even the no-diet diet) are called off. So here is a list of things that won't help the no-sickness cause, but yet are so good that I still have to get. These are the items sitting in the back of my trunk, and are ready to get on the road and in my mouth:

-24 bottles of water
-12 pack Welch's Grape Soda
-12 pack Cherry Pepsi
-12 pack Cherry Punch Soda
-12 pack Mountain Dew
-12 pack Dr. Pepper
-BBQ Sunflower Seeds (Even though the seeds get all over the car, they are a must.)
-Peachie o's
-Wheat Thins
-That fake cheese that comes in a bottle, and squirts out like whip cream......yum!
-String Cheese(Not in the back of my car, but still coming)
-Pizza Pringles
-Regular Pringles(Not in my car because I went and got them at lunch, in which time Greedy K and I ate half of them)
-Salt and Vinegar Lays Chips
-2 boxes of the soft oatmeal cookies w/ cream on the inside.....basically the worst thing for you, but what the hell!
-64 pouches of Pirates of the Carribean Fruit Snacks
-Wholesale size skittles and starburst pack, that is in addition to the starburts alisted above.
-2 large bags beef jerkey

But luckily if I get sick it will be all worth it. And we are going to be moving so much on our trip that I don't think I will have the problem of gaining weight (I say that now?). You see compared to sitting for 8 hours at my desk 5 days a week, going for a 20 mile walk in Disneyland will probably do me some good.

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