July 13, 2006

Car Sickness

So I am totally stoked for my trip to California next week. It is seriously all I can think about. I mean do you blame me, I haven't been on a vacation in over two years. I think I am due for one. So instead of doing my homework (which I have loads of because I will be gone for a week) I have been searching for stuff for my trip. So after bidding on nintendo ds games on ebay (which I lost, bummer) for the long drive, I thought it would be a good idea to look for a good recipe for some trail mix. I want some good stuff, none of that m&m/raisin crap. So this is what I found. And it seriously made me sick. My younger sister says that instead of listing all the ingredients they should just say, "add a half a cup of everything in your cupboard."

Thinking of eating that in my car, seriously made me think this was a sure way of getting car sickness. And I want to stay far from this. I mean no one wants car sickness right? But considering this is only my second vacation with KC I don't want to mess this one up too. He wouldn't ever vacation with me again. Let me explain. Two and a half years ago KC, his parents, and I went to St. George, UT for a few days. Before the trip KC had come down with a terrible stomache flu. We figured it was food poisoning. So once he felt up to par we headed to our destination and had a great trip. Well, the last day of our wonderful vacation we ate at cafe rio (a yummy mexican restaurant that you should eat at if you ever make it to Utah) and we left to drive home straight from our lunch. Well, about an hour into our drive, my stomache started cramping. And two hours into our drive I felt like I was going to shart my pants. As we were 45 min away from home in a town called Provo, I told KC to pull over to the side of the road. Of course he had to ask, "Are you sure?" and by then it was too late. I had my hand over my mouth as puke started coming out. When he finally pulled over to the side of the road I reached for the door, but it was locked. And now I needed both my hands to keep the vomit from spraying all over the car. He reached across me and opened my door. I jumped out of the car and puked solid food for 5 minutes. When I got back in the car, totally embarrassed. KC looked at me and said with a small laugh, "Your food shot out like play dough, and you got a little on me." I was so embarrassed, and a little mad. But now you know why I can't eat this trail mix. But then again, if I were to throw it up, it wouldn't look any different than when I had put it in.

Ok, so I apologize for the disgusting story. But every once in awhile you need one. And I will do a favor for you, I will let you know how my stomache handles this trip. You excited?!


  1. kelsinater12:22:00 PM

    your right every once in a while you need a puking story put for are family we need one every week

  2. funny story. so i'm at andrews. and i just threw up outside his house. so i came inside, and decided i would take a rest by the computer, and i go straight to this story. wow...i feel really sick. good one.

    p.s. viva california