March 22, 2007

Snow Canyon

I finally put my recent photos on my computer...
so I thought I would share with you my photos from my trip to St. George.
These are all from snow canyon. It was such a beautiful day and the scenery was gorgeous.
We hiked for a long ways and even climbed some very large rocks.

This picture is from on top of a huge rock. It was a bit scary coming down from it.

And I thought these were really good pictures of KC and I .
It was just a blast to be outdoors after such a gloomy winter.
Besides the hike we spent most of the vacation spending time
walking through the million dollar homes in the parade of homes.
The last home we went inside was a 6 million dollar home (and that
wasn't including the property). Rumor has it that Robin Williams had bought
the home. It was really nice, but the view was even better. It was
was surrounded by snow canyon with no other homes behind it.
Anyway, I had a great time with KC and his parents. They are
so generous to me, and they took me on this trip and just
made it very enjoyable. So thanks guys!
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  1. Those are GREAT pictures!! You two are a CUTE couple!!!!