April 05, 2007

URG! Blast! Damn it!

Today is one of those days that you feel like you could scream enough to make your skin fall off your body, or at least rip off a limb. You know what I mean? Well, if not let me translate for you...I am going crazy!

point #1: I just finished my business statistics homework for the week, and in a class that I am about to fail in it is hard to do the homework that I can't understand how to do, but nonetheless I finished it right or wrong.

point #2: I am hungry and all I have is a piece of sugarless gum that I have been chewing too long so it is hard with very little taste left. Sure I have a candy bowl in front of me, but knowing that next week is the birthday week (consisting of my bros, mine, and KCs birthdays) I figure I better try to stay away from the sweets this week because I have 3 cakes to eat from and many dinners/lunches out for the birthday celebrations.

point #3: My pants are too tight and they are floods, I know I need to get rid of them, but it really pisses me off to wear clothes that I know I look ridiculous in and that are uncomfortable.

point #4: My nintendo ds was sent back to get the crack on it repaired. It is 2pm at work and with 3 hours left I am getting anxious, my attention span lasts about 5 minutes. So with my ds gone I have 60 activities to try to come up with for every 5 minutes that I get bored. (hence why I am spending 5 of them blogging.)

point #5: Some of those activities cannot be spent on ebay or other shopping sites, because I am low on money and can't afford to want something.

point #6: KC is studying so I can't bug him on the phone.

and lastly

point #7: I just read that there won't be a new grey's anatomy tonight...for the second week. And that really irritates me. I hate it when shows go on hiatus.

So if you can help me at all, I could use it. Or I might lose an arm.

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  1. WHOA. cool it. haha. i feel ya sisdawg.