October 12, 2007

Growing up sucks!

I was thinking this morning as I was getting ready for work that I never appreciated how easy life was in junior high and high school, and even for a time afterwords. I mean isn't that how it always goes. You always wish you would have recognized how easy life used to be. I remember that after school, all I had to do was eat, watch saved by the bell, nap, and do minimal homework. Those were the good times. I wish I got to go home and take a nap after work. But life has just gotten too hectic.

KC and I were talking about this last night. KC had just gotten home from his LSAT prep class. We were talking about if he gets into law school, whether I will move with him, or try to stay and finish up my own schooling. The smart thing to do would finish up school here and then move to wherever. But the thought of being apart is starting to kill me. We hardly see each other anymore. I am at work and school all day Monday thru Wednesday. Then he has classes Thursday and travels with the football team on Fridays and Saturdays most weeks. It is starting to be too much for me to handle. But it will work. It works because I get a few minutes with him before I go to bed, and I see him on Sundays and those few weekends he is home. But all those little times together would be taken away if he had to move and I stayed here. So this brought us to, "When did we become all grown up?". We still feel like kids, I never ever thought I would have to make decisions like moving away, or whether to go on and get a Master's degree. I don't know how adults do this stuff. I am so not ready to be an adult. I hate responsibility. It is much easier to take a nap and let the adults worry about things.

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