October 26, 2007

Home is Where the Heart is

Last night I went on a run with Paul and Terri, KC's parents. I am really enjoying living with them. KC was suprised to find out that I went on a run, ate dinner, and then watched Grey's Anatomy with them. They are so kind to me and so easy to get along with. Already I have saved a bundle of money not paying rent. I feel like I am starting to get ahead, instead of further behind. Which funny enough, I thought I was moving backwards by moving in with them...but that isn't the case.

The Garners place is much different than the Gillette's was. Here is insight...

The Garner's
  • The Garners have money. If mention I would like it, they get it...I am not used to this.
  • The Garners never eat leftovers. It is so weird to me. They always just throw it away. I need to teach them that leftovers=more flavor.
  • I have gained weight living here. Why is this? One, the Garners see me exercise therefore feel like I should eat more. Two, we go out to dinner alot, and when we do they think of number one and ask for more food for me (like chips and salsa, or molten lava cake). Like I need to eat more than the hamburger that I just ordered? And three, they buy costco size things of fruit, veggies, etc that will go bad...and then no one eats it...so what happens is everytime I go in the kitchen KC's mom will tell me I need to eat the fruit because it is going bad. Now fruit is good for you. But when you eat a costco size box of pears in two days, you gain weight and feel sick.
  • The house is ALWAYS dark and ALWAYS quiet.
  • The garage is clean? Who does this...
  • I smell coffee brewing in the morning.
  • The dog is called my brother.
  • Everyone lays in bed when they are at home. They don't watch tv in the tv room, they watch it in their beds.
  • They sit and talk alot. They are consistently thinking of ways to better themselves. They read self-improvement books.
  • Parents fight...I didn't know that. My parents never fought, but then again, they got divorced. So I think that is a good sign.
  • In order to not get water stains on your shower door, you squigy the water off. Interesting.
  • The temperature is 62 degrees.
  • And I could go on...especialy about how people can get 18 hours of sleep in one day.

The Gillette's

  • The house is messy.
  • My mom will massage your feet after a hard days work.
  • OH the food, the soup, I have learned that my mom was an exceptional cook.
  • Everyone watches tv together.
  • You get yelled at for looking at a boy, but then you get asked if you are a lesbian at age 18...everyone not just me.
  • There was assumptions you were always doing the wrong thing.
  • The laundry would be piled on one couch, all seven loads. For days.
  • My mom always got up at 6 to workout. I loved that.
  • My mom would sit on the bathtub rim and talk to you while you got ready for school/work. That was a nice start for the day.
  • You didn't have to be quiet.
  • You didn't have to turn off the lights.
  • The temperature was 70 degrees. :)

So as you can see I have lived in two completely different worlds. Both good and bad at times. But I hope that my family knows that I love them, and that I enjoy having life unorganized, messy, and fun while I lived with them. I think that my mom was a great mother, when she was on prozac, jk. I learned alot from her. And even though I live with the Garners I am not "choosing" them over my family. It just happens to be the right place for me right now. I appreciate their kindness and hospitality. They are great people, but they aren't the Gillette's.


  1. wow, you've actually updated it! I thought I had told you about my blog, sorry!! What do you think of it besides being mad at me?

  2. "You get yelled at for looking at a boy, but then you get asked if you are a lesbian at age 18...everyone not just me."

    SO TRUE!!!