October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

I have a presentation tonight at school...so my halloween is going to be a bore. But it wasn't completely shot thanks to Hilary's Halloween Party on Sunday. I have to give her props for being such a great host (and cook, I think I ate 4000 calories that night). The party was fantastic and the costumes were out of the norm....Kelsy took first place in the costume contest. She was "teen pregnant". But I voted for Hilary and Derek, and as you can see to your left, they were John Lennon and Yoko. Man they are such a fun couple. I just couldn't stop laughing every time I looked in their direction. It was brilliant. KC didn't want to dress up as anything but a hot dog or a banana. So after searching high and low in all the costume shops around town I found a banana costume (for a pretty penny, I might add) and KC had his costume. By the time I found his outfit, I was burned out and ended up going as a typical pirates...blah, but oh well.

My mom went as my grandma, Kent as a mullet man?, Malia as a pregnant women...oh wait that isn't a costume, Jonathan and Kylie as the royal tenenbaums (awesome costumes), Basil as tigger, Randy as a woman cook, and lastly Kristin and Daniel went in kid size costumes of superman and spiderman. Which to their disliking = superwedgies. Besides the costumes, there was spooky music, homemade rootbeer, split pea soup, carameled apples, popcorn balls, and Hilary's cupcakes.

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  1. Looks like you had a lot of fun. We didn't dress up and we had a grand total of 4 trick or treaters. How's that for a fun Halloween??