April 04, 2008

See procrastinating can get something done...

I have a large assignment I am supposed to work on before meeting with my study group tomorrow. And of course, I am not working on it. But I am blogging and I am finally getting pictures up. So this is good news. So here are some pictures for those of you who are looking to waste your time...

KC's ring, we got this in just about a week ago from a guy in sweden. His company is Black Badger. He was a gem to work with and KC loves his ring. So I would recommend him to anyone. We spent more time looking for KC's ring, so I only felt it was necessary to show his first.

This is my ring! I really love it. I had chosen five and KC chose this one out of the five. This was my favorite. He definitely knows me. Also, I had to take the picture of it in the box, because for some reason the pictures wouldn't turn out on my hand. I think I was shaking too much. Anyway, the plans are going so well. We have most of the major stuff in place. But I will keep you updated on the exciting stuff.


  1. blog looks good keep on writing and i will too.

  2. What is KC's ring made out of? It's a cool color. Your ring is beautiful, and I bet that it is so sparkly!

  3. Katie, KC's ring is made of carbon fiber...it has this cool checkered look to it and is VERY light. I guess it is the same stuff they use to make bullet proof vests...