April 01, 2008

Messed Up

So I brought my camera to work today to post a picture of my ring during my lunch break, but I forgot the cord so none the less you will need to wait another week or so. *I am so bad at blogging. *

So onto other news...

I have started reading "The World is Flat" for my management class. It is 630 pages and the book report is due in two weeks. When did I become so unorganized? It really isn't like me to wait til the last minute with stuff like this. I typically plan very well. Take for example the summer where I decided to organize a daily schedule for myself. I believe I was 10 years old, so there wasn't a lot to it, but it went something like this...

8:00 - Wake Up
8:30 - Eat Breakfast
9:00 - Watch Price is Right
10:00 - Get Ready
11:00 - Whatever
12:00 - Eat Lunch
1:00-5:00 - Do more whatever
6:00 - Help get dinner ready
7:00 - Eat dinner
8:00 - Watch TV
9:00 - Do more whatever
10:00 - Get Ready for bed
11:00 - Go to bed

So I wonder if the tables are supposed to turn and when most people gain their organization skills in adulthood, I somehow obtained them when I was young, thus must lose them now. Just look at what is happening...

Point 1: Saving assignments for the last minute.

Point 2: My wedding receipts and contracts are in a Tupperware container with the lid off in my bedroom. What happened to file folders? I think I may be turning into my mom, which means that next it will just be in piles everywhere, instead of in a container of some sort.

Point 3: I almost ran out of gasoline Sunday. The car did the jerk and everything. When KC and I were first dating I always told him, I hate it when people can't take the time to stop and get gas...and so then they run out and it takes even longer to get the gas than if they would have stopped when they saw a quarter of the tank left.

Point 4: I have been collecting addresses for those who I want to invite to the wedding. On Saturday I purchased an address book, and since then I stopped cramming loose post its with addresses on them in my purse and started to cram them in the book. The binding is about to bust.

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