March 24, 2008

Big News!

I thought I would try to be all clever like greedyK, but honestly I couldn't think of I will do it like vievegirl typically would and just blurt it out....

KC and I are engaged!

So you can close your jaw now, and I will go ahead and answer some of your most pressing questions....

Is this an early aprils fools joke? NO

When did this happen you ask? Thursday, March 21, 2008.

Why did I wait so long to get the news to my blog readers? Because I had to get the word to both families first. And some of them read this, so I didn't want them to find out here.

When is the big date? July 19th, 2008 (Yes, Josh and Crystal...this year!)

Where? Where else would U of U fans get married...none other than the great Rice Eccles Stadium.

And last but definitely not did KC propose?

In early February KC and I started to look for "the ring". I ended up choosing 5 rings, one of which he was going to choose and proposed to me with. He ordered "the ring" and was told it would take 4-6 weeks until delivery. This thursday was week 5, so on Wednesday KC called the store and asked if it was in yet, they said that it was taking longer than expected and so they were planning on 6-8 weeks now. With both of us anxious to tell everyone our big news KC went ahead and told me what the store had told him, but then picked up the same ring in a larger size from the store to keep on loan until the real ring came in.

Thursday I come home from a long day at work and KC is dressed up and says that because I have worked so hard he wants to take me on a date. At which time my brain starts churning, but knowing that KC was insistent on talking both to my mom and dad I knew that the proposal was still aways away. Plus he couldn't have the ring yet, it wasn't coming for another few weeks. So we get in the car and after a long route to the restaurant where we went on our first I had convinced myself that KC was just spoofing me by taking me on the first date again, and that way the next time we go out I will think it is another spoof. So we go to the restaurant and then the nickelcade (where we also went to on our first date). Still convinced I would be going over to my families on Easter sunday having to keep a big secret. As the time hits 9 o'clock KC looks at his watch and says, "OH my gosh, Gen, we have got to go now! We are supposed to be somewhere at 9, and it is 9..." So we hurry and get in the car....and the convincing now wears off. When we went on our first date we didn't go anywhere after I had no clue what was up his sleeve now.

While we are in the car, the phone rings, and he tells the individual on the other line that we are on our way. The only person that knows is his mom and dad, so I am clueless what they would help KC with. We drive on the road that leads home and KC stops the car in the turning lane. He turns to me, and points to the church on the left where we used to walk our first summer together and talk about everything. He says, "Girlfriend, would you like me to propose to you where we used to talk about getting married?", then he points to the other side of the road and says, "or girlfriend, would you rather me ask you to marry me at the place where we had our first kiss?" So we go to the spot where we had our first kiss, and KC got down on one knee and told me very sweet things (which made me cry) and then he asked me to marry him. I said yes...otherwise I wouldn't be writing this. And then he told me I had to stop crying because my entire family was waiting at my mom's house, and my mom had told them she had big news, but could tell them until we were all together. So I get myself together and we drove to my moms.

Being 20 minutes late to the time my mom had given everyone, the family was anxious to hear my moms news when we had arrived. Daniel thought he was getting a car, Hilary thought my mom was prego, and Malia thought it was an intervention so she didn't come. But we apologize for being late, and pick up our stem wear full of sparkling cider. Surrounding us were lots of candles, and my mom started to talk....

She said, " before I tell you what the news is, I want to find out why Gen and KC were late."
KC answers, "We went on a date."
My moms says, "A date on a Thursday night, why?"
And KC excited says. "Because we got engaged tonight!"

At which time, my siblings dogpiled us and threw out a few cuss words (and well deserved). Like Hilary said, "This was five years in the making"

Anyway, it feels good to finally get everyone involved in the excitement that KC and I feel. We are definitely ready to be married. And if you are wondering, fate has it, the real ring came in the next day. I will hopefully get around to posting a picture of it in the next few days....


  1. CONGRATS! See you soon!

  2. it's your cousin Katie...congrats! Cute story too!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS Gen and KC!! I saw a glimpse of the ring on Kristin's blog but I want a post of it up close! Good work KC!

  4. congrats! That is so exciting!

  5. so tricky! i totally overheard you at Kristin's shower saying maybe after KC was done with law school. Maybe a little sooner, eh? Congrats!!

  6. HOORAY! We are seriously sooo excited for you.Can't wait to see more pics!

  7. YIPPEE!! Congrats Gen and KC! I have to say, when I was talking to you Gen at Kristen's shower I had my suspicions... That is so exciting! I love it. And such a cute way to propose and break the news to the family.

  8. Shar, I got worse at keeping it a secret the longer it went. The shower was about impossible.

    Anyway, Thanks everyone for the congrats...I will make sure to pass them along to KC as well.

  9. Oh Vieve! This is super wonderful news! And you are so incredibly hilarious! (Malia thought it was an intervention....) I nearly laughed outloud in the office.

    Yay!!!! Best wishes to you and Congrats to KC.

  10. That's such a cute proposal story! Congrats!
    Melissa (Walker) Glad

  11. Hey Gen, make sure I get an invite. Maybe I'll get you a hymnbook with your name imprinted on it.