February 08, 2008

If I were a billionaire...

So I was informed by a coworker this morning that Miley Cyrus (aka - Hannah Montana) is on her way of becoming a billionaire by the time she turns 20. I cannot even grasp how much money that is let alone try to think of the fact that if I had done things right I could have been a billionaire 4 years ago? I mean I just passed a point where I can start to count my money in thousand increments, she counts hers by millions. But I guess I have to be happy that I am doing as well as I am, most of the kids my age count their money in how many negatives they owe. I am in the positive, that is a start.


  1. AGREED! (Oh.. this is your cousin Sarah - the NON-billionaire.. I just found your blog. Love it!) Anyway... life's real tough when you're rollin deep by 20. Not! Well, hope you're doing well staying in the positive. By the way, you look absolutely gorgeous in the picture with Casey. Hope I spelled that right??

  2. okay, nope! Read your other posts, sorry KC.

  3. Youre tagged..now get on here and blog something!