January 24, 2008

Since I have had to go to bed earlier lately because of my 6:30am shift. I haven't gotten to spend as much time with KC. So to feel like we are spending time together during the weekdays KC has been sitting in my room watching tv while I fall asleep. During this time, KC has become more aware that I am a sleep talker. So last night as I was driving home from school I was checking my voicemail. The first message was from KC saying, "THIS IS AWESOME! I blah blah blah blah!" After listening to the message three times unable to decipher the blah blah's, I called KC to see what he was trying to tell me. KC picked up his phone and I asked him what his message said. His reply was, "THIS IS AWESOME, I can see in color now!" Still I was unsure that I was hearing him correctly. But after asking him to repeat this, he explained this is what I said as I reached out my arms (Like superstar does) during my sleep, excitedly saying "THIS IS AWESOME, I can see in color now!" In which, KC asked, " You can see in color now?" My response was, "Ya, before I only saw in Black and White, But now I can see my baby in color!" At which time I proceeded to hug him.

Don't ask me how I was completely unaware of this at the time it happened and how I also couldn't recall anything as KC told me this story. But this is what KC and I call sleepy vieve. Anyway, I AM very happy I can see in color now. I just wish I could see what I was dreaming about.

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  1. Oh that's too good. Tell KC to call me over next time you are asleep. I want to hear what you come up with next :)