January 23, 2008

27 or 17 dresses?

I just received an email from my sister-in-law with some pics attached from my sisters wedding dinner. Thought that I would post them here with a little update.
Hilary got married, yep my little sister took the plunge a little over a week ago. I went and saw 27 dresses this past weekend, and I started to relate with Kathryn Heigl a bit. Not that I am in love with Derek...but that it is odd to watch couple after couple get married. KC and I were trying to count all the couples that have met and married their spouse in the time that KC and I have been dating. Here is the list we came up with (and we aren't that far from 27):
1. My Dad and Debbie
2. My mom and Kent
3. Kristin and Randy (My sis), who has a bun in the oven.
4. Krysta and Will (My BF)
5. Josh and Crystal (KC's bro), who have a kid now.
6. Rachel and Jason (My friends)
7. Matt and Adana (KC's BF)
8. Elena and Chad (My friends)
9. Angela and Nate (My friends), who also have a kid now.
10. Brooke and Ethan (My friends)
11. Sarah and Bryce (My Cousin), who also have a kid now.
12. Sharmaine and Brian (My Cousin), who also have a kid now.
13. Aubrey and Chris (My Cousin)
14. Grant and Bryn (My Cousin), who also have a kid now.
15. My Cousin Rachel and her husband (I am sorry I can't remember his name at the moment), who also have a kid now.
16. Bart and Diana (My Cousin), who have a bun in the oven.
17. Derek and Hilary (My sis)
Ok, so shy by ten. And I wasn't a bridesmaid for all of them. But still to meet and marry your spouse in the time span of KC's and my courtship. Wow! And I am sure I am missing one or two. Not to count all the people who are neighbors or family friends. I didn't even want to get into that. Anyway, we thought that was pretty crazy. Still I am happy for every one of them. Hilary and Derek seemed so very happy to be married. Their wedding and reception were beautiful! I just hope mine will be that nice. Plus I enjoyed the reception (minus the bridesmaid's dress I had to wear, but I could shorten it and wear it again, right?) I love seeing my nephews all weekend. They are so cute. Basil makes me want to hug him all day, he is so fun. And Ozzy, who is in the picture with me below, is a cutie as well. I even had a one on one discussion with him on how Basil chose Kelsy to be his favorite aunt, so Ozzy made an agreement that I am his fav. It's a done deal.


  1. Gen,
    All this little excercise does is show you two sillies that you need to add your names to the bottom of the list! (tee hee) But, that is a lot of names. I thought we knew a lot of people while we dated that got married...and I thought we'd pretty much hold the record, but you two have us beat! Congrats!

  2. I'm just waiting for you to make the announcement! Sheesh! JK...but you know when you do, barring any unforseen military-caused circumstances, I am coming to your wedding!

  3. Krysta...I am going to hold you to that!

    But sorry nothing's happening yet.