May 13, 2008

Race for the Cure

On Saturday we got up bright and early for the Race for the Cure. This is the third year we have participated in this race and it was by far the most meaningful. You see my aunt passed away the monday before from breast cancer. And for the past few years we raced for her and we will continue to. But the feelings had changed. I was able to look around me and see the other 16,000 participants joining together to try to find a cure so that other people don't have to go through what my aunt went through and what our family is going through now. For the duration of the 3.2 miles I pondered memories of my aunt. She was the most classy woman I knew. She was also the one of the most intelligent. She was head of the library in her prestigious community and had read any book I could name. She never wasted a minute of her life, and even during her passing told all of us that we shouldn't waste any time mourning but to get moving with work and enjoying family because that is what life is all about. She was a great example of living life to the fullest. It was an honor to run for the cure on Saturday because I felt like I was running as a thanks for giving me time with her. She had breast cancer for 12 years and without the Susan G. Komen fund she probably wouldn't have lived as long as she had. And so as a gratituide for keeping her alive longer I ran.

This was also a great day because I had the chance to see Crystal, my soon to be sister in law, finish her first 5k. She was nervous, but she did really well. I am so proud of her accomplishment. And very jealous because this summer her hard work will pay off and she will be a fitness instructor at her rec center. She is very inspiring to be around, and with my wedding coming up I need inspiration to come my way...because these pounds need to shed in order to fit into the gown. Well, here are some pics of us at the race:
The "Before" shot - Crystal and I

Kelsy before the race - and if you can see that bit of orange shirt sticking out of her sweater ? Y a that is her David Day's (David Archuletta) shirt, which since Friday (when she saw him) she hasn't taken off. Oh teenage love!

The fam after the race. Not too bad looking for just having had run 3 miles.

The "After" photo - Crystal (35:35 minutes), Gen (26:23 minutes)

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  1. Awwww...your post made me cry. Thank you for the sweet words. Thank you for always encouraging me and supporting me and for always being the one to notice I've lost weight. Thanks for telling me about this race and encouraging me to do it. I'm so glad I did.
    Dang girl-I am going to miss you something' fierce!!!!