May 23, 2008

Full on Birthdays

My sister in law Kylie's birthday was on Monday, so on Tuesday we went to Rodizios Grill. For those of you who don't know what that is -- it is a brazilian steak house, they come to your table will skewers of meat and slice it onto your plate. It is delicious, and if you are ever in Utah or around a Rodizios you have to try it. The first time I went there was to see the picture of Ricky Martin dining there, oh the good ol' Ricky Martin days. Anyway, since then I have been a fan.

So to conclude the birthday fest that April and May bring we stuffed our faces and enjoyed celebrating a great asset to our family (that's Kylie). She helps us get out the ghetto a bit, and brings some class to the group. Oddly I didn't happen to get a shot of her though....but here are some photos from the dinner.

Asher, Kristin's son....he is about a month old. And he looks so much like Randy.

Ozzy, Malia's son...he is about 6 mos old now.

Here is my mom and I. And Asher looks like he is balding...

Derek and Hilary holding Asher and looking mighty creepy. For some reason it reminds me of the series of unfortunate events.

Malia and Ozzy. Malia has been going for the Gwen Stefani look lately. I think it looks pretty good. Definitely something I couldn't pull off though.

Derek and Hilary again...I don't think I have any pictures where they are doing a normal smile, you gotta love them.

The boys!

This was my mom's attempt to getting him to smile for the camera. He totally is a rebel!


  1. aww! they are all so cute! I don't think I have seen a picture of Milia before. It looks like a fun family event!

  2. Got to love Asher's frowny face. He gives it to me about 3 times a day. Usually when he is hungry. It's one of the only things he got from me. He is so Randy!

  3. Thats so crazy that Kristian named her boy Asher...yesterday Will and I just put Ashe on our list of top boy names!