May 28, 2008

America Idol Craze

So it has been one week since the shocking American Idol finale. I was really disappointed that Archie didn't win, he totally deserved it. Plus I can't stand David Cook, urg! Anyway, I finally got to see how kelsy reacted to seeing David in person:

She said that she touched his arm...ooooo...oooo! Anyway, if you haven't met kelsy she is the second from the left. At least she isn't the first on the left, that is embarrassing. Can I say restraining order. Anyway, that gave me a good laugh, and totally reminded me of going to the N'Sync concert.

So also as a tribute to American Idol, KC and I found this on youtube....thought I would share:


  1. Yeah for N'SYNC! ... good time! :)

  2. oh my gosh, that video is the best thing ever! Ken Lee!! And I love the pic of Kelsey.

  3. K, that video is one of my new favorites. And I'm pretty sure I'll need to sing "Ken Lee" in the shower today! (tell KC thanks for calling me about it...Patrick loved it too!)

  4. OH man! words can't describe how much I love that picture of Kelsey! It reminds me of my New Kids on the Block days!! I know-I'm old! :)
    The video clip was so stinkin funny.

  5. Hey, I wanted to know where you an KC are moving to after you are married (you can e-mail me so you don't have to post it) And then, if you still need a tennis court, you should see if the tennis courts that were by the old, now nonexistent, dorms at the U are still there? They were the ones between Austin Hall and the golf course. :)