June 16, 2008

"W" stand for WOW

I don't know how to start this post except by saying Kristin and Randy are my favorite people! They seriously know how to give gifts, I always knew that, but after Saturday I understood it to the point of near death from happiness - which makes me think I finally understood how our neighbor died from doing the bunny hop, the happiness must have overwhelmed her.

Anyway, I felt very overwhelmed this weekend as I attended a bridal shower thrown for me by my awesome cousin, Sarah, and my awesome aunt, Wendy. In attendance were my friends and family. It was nice to feel the support from so many great women. All of which paid the price in gas to get out to join us, which in itself I appreciate. And they didn't stop there they all were very supportive of our new life, by giving generous gifts that I feel very greatful for. Thankyou all for helping us get our life started with all the necessities. And thankyou for a great day, chatting with you all.

The last present I opened was Kristin's gift. I had told Kristin earlier in the month that KC and I had booked our hotel in NYC, costing us a fortune and a half. As a result we would be cutting out the chance to see a broadway show. We had originally planned on seeing Wicked but as the tickets were so expensive we decided that we just couldn't afford it. So I opened her gift only to see a jewel cd case and a monogrammed "W" card taped to the cover (Wells). The front of the card read:

"W" stands for...

And inside it said:

5 Weeks


Then I opened the Cd case and it was the Wicked Cd with a sticky note that read:

You pick the day, I buy the tickets. Love, Krick

At which point I started to cry, there are pictures out there if you don't believe me. I had been totally bummed out because the broadway show was the whole reason I had wanted to go to NYC originally. And even though I knew it would be fun still, I wasn't as excited anymore. But Kristin and Randy brought that excitement back. It was a very thoughtful gift and I will enjoy every minute of that play. Just want to thank them again and tell them how very excited I am. They just don't know how fantastic that gift was. And I have already listened to the CD a ton.

And thankyou again to Wendy and Sarah. The shower was great, the food was great, and the invitation was amazing.


  1. There was no way I was going to let you go to NY and not see Wicked. It's a must. PS I bought the tickets last night. You're good to go :)

  2. It was OUR pleasure to celebrate with you. We'll miss you when you move! Just don't get too comfy out there, okay?
    Love you Gen!

  3. This is my "I'm jealous" non-comment. I'm going to pretend I didn't even read this so that I can keep being nice to you. Otherwise I'll have to hurt you and take your tickets. And no one likes violence!

  4. LUCKY!! I'm just bummed that I can't give you that amazing of a gift. You guys are going to have Soo much fun in New York!! What a perfect honeymoon. Woo hoo!
    someday I'll get to NYC...someday.