June 20, 2008

Bridal Shoot

On Wednesday I had my bridal shoot. I have to say that as long as my hair didn't ruin the photos, I think that they will turn out really awesome. So behold, my hair...

Take into account this picture was taken at 10 pm...almost 12 hours after the shoot began. KC was out of town and wanted to see what I was whining about. Now, before I go further, my stylist was awesome and did exactly as I asked her to do. I just don't think I look very good with my hair pulled up...so it will most likely be changed for the wedding. I found out Bridals are great trial runs.

So minus the hair, the shoot was amazing. My dress was completed on Tuesday, and Cherri did an AMAZING job. I told her that she needs to be the seamstress to the celebrities. Thanks again Cherri, it turned out perfect. I got many, many compliments as we walked about. Which surprised me because I have such a plain dress...I don't do frill.

Our first location was the Tilt in the gateway mall. I had gone in the day before and asked if they would allow photography, and after some weird looks and phone calls they were able to give us approval. The reason for the arcade was to represent the fact that KC and I went to an arcade on our first date and on the day he proposed. Hopefully the lighting was in our favor...and thank goodness I have a great photographer. They should turn out pretty cool. And I won a few tickets at skeeball, which made some teenagers pretty happy when I gave them the tickets.

We walked around gateway mall for a bit and got various shots there. During this time a group of about 75 7 year olds passed us ( I think they were on a field trip). The girls made my day. They kept yelling, " You are so beautiful" and " Happy Wedding Day!" Those shots for sure won't have fake smiles.

Lastly, we went to my favorite location - a tennis court. KC is a great tennis player. In high school he was state runner up in singles and his team took state I believe all 4 years. And since then he has taught me how to play tennis. I love learning from KC, he is such a good instructor and I have a blast everytime we play. I didn't find a grungy court , with a net, and thus we settled for clean courts at Liberty Park (where the state championships take place). It was 94 degrees but we survived. If he posts the pics on the blog (and they look good) then I will link it here. They should be up in a week.

PS - KC found us our first apartment, we put a deposit down...so ya things are final.


  1. I love that you took bridals at places that are meaningful. I bet they will be awesome! And congrats on the apartment.

  2. Yay for everything! I think your hair looks cute! I bet your bridal photos will be amazing and I CAN'T WAIT to see them!

  3. Im sure your pictures will be as cute as you :) So what happened to your Mass. post? Are you guys not moving there now? Where is the apt KC got?

  4. Your bridals are gorgeous! I had so much fun just sitting on that couch and looking at them. You are going to be a beautiful bride-no matter how you decide to wear your hair!!

  5. All I gotta say is...bobby pins, aqua-net,bobby pins, aqua-net, bobby pins, aqua-net, bobby pins, aqua-net, bobby pins, aqua-net, bobby pins, aqua-net, bobby pins, aqua-net. (you get the picture!)

    It won't feel pretty...but it will look pretty....and it will stand up to any 100 degree day!!