June 25, 2008

Have a happy flippin' birthday!

Derek's birthday was on June 9th, and thus it wasn't celebrated by my family until the 22nd of June. That's normal Derek! It's a good sign when it is in the same month.

For his birthday we were all supposed to bring games, but the message wasn't passed along. So no games were brought. But do you know what was brought? Cupcakes, and there isn't a cupcake that I have met that I didn't like. And even better they were made by Hilary.

So instead of playing games, we ate cupcakes and just hung out...

and everything was fun, until this....

which led to this...

So Happy Flippin' Late Birthday Derek! Just want to tell you how much KC and I love having you around!



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  3. Well this is going to ruin my reputation....wait I've got no reputations to ruin...flip away!