June 25, 2008

Basil the Gamer

Before you looks at the picture below take note of two things:

1. In my family we love to play Nintendo. It is often an activity on sundays to link up our DSs (handhelds) and battle in Tetris or Mario Party. And three of us slept out at Walmart to get Wiis.

2. Since my oldest brother is a computer genius, he has always been fearful his son will be into sports.

...so when we saw this all of us were thrilled.

The cool thing is that he was playing Mario Kart and could actually somewhat play. It took probably a minute and half before he crashed into the wall and couldn't get going by himself. He is too much fun!

1 comment:

  1. I about pee'd myself laughing at the flipping off pix-SO classy!
    The pic. of Basil playing the DS is a classic too-Gabby always wants to play with mine but I won't let her-she just pounds on all the buttons at the same time. not good.