August 22, 2008

Getting to Know You

Today was the law school picnic, in which families were invited. It was my first time out of the apartment complex since Sunday (this isn't really an adventure). And it was very much needed. It was nice to meet some of the people KC met this week during orientation and to have interaction with other humans besides KC and the comcast guys. I met alot of the wives/girlfriends of other students, which should be good if I ever need to get a pedicure and don't want to go alone. And also, there were two other couples there from Utah. It was fun to talk with people who are experiencing the same changes we are going through. Good ol' Utahs, gotta love them.

KC has already been stopped during talking for clarification on what he is saying. I guess these Massachusians haven't gotten used to our Utah accent. I guess Diesel is Diezel here, and meal is actual said as meal and not mill, which makes sense. And we are still getting use to things here. We learned that a sub is called a Grinder and that people like their hot dug buns sliced along the top rather than the side. I don't like that one bit.

I am glad it is the weekend, and I hope everyone has big plans. We are going to a cocktail party held for the couples at the school, and then we plan on spending time unpacking and studying this weekend (in which time I hope to catch up in Breaking Dawn). Love you all!


  1. They are called Grinders in Chicago, too, but Subs here in the South. And we still split out hot dog buns the right way down here, although they do put coleslaw on their BBQ sandwhiches here. Which is actually really, really good. :)

  2. The hot dog bun thing seems wrong to me too! I was telling my brother-in-law, Greg, about your MA verbal lessons. (he went to Boston on his mission!) He was jealous. He said to tell you that a milk shake is going to get you a glass of milk with flavoring in it. You have to ask for a frappe (said fr-ap) if you want creamy icecream with something mixed in.

    Just thought that was good info!

  3. Cute blog-I like the new background! Did you finish Breaking Dawn yet? I'll check to see if you're online during Gabby's nap so we can talk about it. I'm glad you went to the picnic..get out there and make friends before it's too late and they'll all make friends already. :)