August 21, 2008

Comment Card

The big talk this week around the apartment was the terrible service given (or should I say not given) by Comcast. As most of you know, I am working remotely from home. Thus it is absolutely critical I have internet. So the first day we were here I called Comcast to get things set up ASAP. The earliest appointment they had was for Monday morning. So to my frustration we took the appointment and I worked in the internet cafe in the lobby. And it probably was a good thing I worked there for a few days, because we met a few other law students. They had all just moved in and were waiting for their comcast appointment too.

But come Monday I was excited to get back in the apartment and to the desk we had set up for my work purposes. I was tired of sitting on a bar stool and freezing to the point of having to wear a hoodie (good reason, kathleen?...I guess you might have had to be there). Anyway, I went to lobby to start work while KC waited at the apartment for the appointment. At 10am, a sales person showed up to "set" up the internet. Just a tip: if they send out a sales rep, just tell them to go home. It was a waste of time, she spent one and a half hours setting it up and all that came about was a hole in our wall. No internet, but an appointment for Wednesday.

So I stuck through the cold, and with KC starting orientation wednesday I asked my boss if I could pause work to get the internet set up. He was flexible with the whole situation. And at 9am (because the window of time they could come was 3 hours*) I started to wait. And wait. And wait. Until 12:30, at which time I was sick of waiting. So I went to the lobby and called comcast on my skype number. They had set the appointment for Thursday, not Wednesday. Urg, so I worked through it for another day, and asked my boss for more time off once again, and then at 9am today I waited, and I waited. And then the tech showed up, but his cable checker tool ran out of battery. So then he ran to the store, and I waited again. But finally at 12, the internet cable were all set up and I just had to get the modem reprovisioned. Which took until 4, but that was cuz I needed the cell phone.

After the first appointment was screwed up, I thought about switching to another provider. So as I sat with the other law students in the lobby, I shared my frustration. And learned that all of them were going through issues with comcast. One person couldn't even get ahold of them, they were ignoring them. The other said that they had given them a broken modem, and another said that they came but didn't set up everything. So I asked if they were going to switch and both of the guys said they had checked it out and found out that comcast has a contract with ALL of springfield to be the sole cable provider for the area. Yes, isn't that illegal? If it isn't, it should be. That is a monopoly, and I was forced into it! And now I paying for their lame service. Anywho, that is my little input on what I think of comcast.

On a lighter note: One of the law student showed KC and I this youtube video. It was pretty funny, so I thought I would share. (Beware: there is crude language. But the dancing and music is so worth the trade off).


  1. I am sorry for the experience we have created for you.

    I would like to share this with the local leadership so that we can correct the problems and prevent them from happening in the future. If you don't mind, will you please reply with the phone number on the account?

    Thanks for the video too! It almost made me forget how upset I was after reading the experience you had with our service :)

    Mark C.
    Comcast Corp.

  2. Gen-is this Comcast comment for real???!!! I'm confused. If it is real, how did they find your blog? If it isn't real..whoever did it is really funny!
    Anyway, I'm sorry you had such a crappy experience. That sucks! Hopefully things will go smoother for you here on out. I'm just glad we are able to chat! :)

  3. haha that comment is really funny love you gen miss you

  4. Oh man!!! That video was trippy! I just watched it and am not sure what to think. I laughed hard..I do know that much. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Hey I am so glad you got everything safely!! I mean your package:)

  6.'s amazing that comcast cares now! You know, that company has heart!!

    Comcast has a monopoly in Logan and St. George, and has for years. I thought the choices available in SLC were like a little present. There are parts of Logan that can't even get it's a true monopoly. And they know it too! My mom pays more than they charge here. It's so ridiculous!

    Me and Patrick swore that we would NEVER have our TV go through them ever again. But we do have their internet and digital phone. So they're sucking us dry anyway!

    What can you do?

    Man, that must have been so frustrating. Don't you love how they give you like a 3 day window when we "might" show up. So don't you dare leave your home. Like your time is any less important than theirs.

    I hope you have your internet and that your contact with them in the future has to be little to none!!