August 16, 2008

Home on the Connecticut River

Sorry, sorry, sorry....I have disappointed. But to make a good excuse I have to say that life has been super busy. If you could see our apartment you would know that blogging is not the only thing I have neglected this week.

But life is good. I am enjoying MA much more than I expected too. Most of that is due to the help of living with KC for the first time. And having a place I can call home. I haven't felt like I have had a home for 4 years. But I am starting to feel that way now. KC is the best roommate I have had, minus that our apartment has been deemed a nudist colony. And I hoping they fix the AC soon so that stops.

So far, the thought of living across the country hasn't set in. I still feel like I am in salt lake and that I just have been too busy to hang out with anyone. I have learned that I can survive and that my body just understands how to adjust to new things without me having to do much work. I have talked to Kels, Mom, and Josh on skype alot this week, but everyone else is yet to be seen or heard. Hello, where are you? I told you it was mandatory you sign up. Either that or email me your IM.

The only difference between SLC and Springfield is that I can't tell which direction is which, with no mountains to use as a compass it is easy to get lost. KC seems to have gotten it down, but I don't understand sun directions. He still can't answer me how to tell the direction at noon when the sun is directly in the sky? But ya, it will eventually come to me. I hope.

So this weekend was a holiday weekend here. Tax Free Weekend. Oh ya, I like this place. We headed to the mall to spend our wedding gift cards on stuff we needed for the apartment. And according to google maps every store is located in the Holyoke mall. And they were right. I think this mall was boardline on the size of the Del Amo mall in california. We shopped at Target and BBB. I was happy to see some stores that are not in Utah, but I have wanted to go into. These stores included AC Moore (a Craft store), Guess, and H&M (yes, Lara, I guess you will have to visit us). Too bad we won't have much spending money. I was already thinking about Christmas, this is going to be a long few months. Anywho, the mall was three floors and kept going and going. I was impressed. And so was KC, and that is something. We got all our supplies, tax free, and went home happy.s almost finished putting together the ikea furniture. And I am currently working on the kitchen. I will post some pics of the final product once it is put together. But for now, here are the before pics:

Our living room area, right after we moved everything in.

The Kitchen.

Our apartment from the outside. We are the first four windows.

Proof. Me working in the lobby. Our internet should be hooked up monday.


  1. hey, i remember the holyoke mall! i can't wait to read more about your adventures once you get settled in. if you are ever looking for a small town to visit, go to northampton and take lots of photos for me. make sure to visit smith's campus. you won't regret it. it's beautiful!

  2. Yah you updated your blog! I've been checking many times a day. I've missed you. How do I sign up for that skype thing so we can chat?
    Did JOsh tell you I'm reading the Twilight series and can't put it down?! I'm almost done with the last book-why did it take me so long to discover the hotness of Edward and the lives of Vampires! :) I hope I like the ending-I hear it's a toss up.
    Well, I hope to chat with you soon. Tell KC hi.

  3. What fun! And H&M? Holy crap! Seriously...I love that store! And you'd love it're skinny enough to wear their clothes!! I could not be more jealous!

    Tax free weekend? What is this place? I need tax free weekend! That's the most brilliant idea ever! And how lucky is it that it's the weekend that you have to furnish the house!

    I sincerely hope that you were given the opportunity for more than one trash can!

    Glad you're having fun! We miss you, you really think that fixing the AC will fix the nudity problem?? I've seen him naked in the dead of winter here! Just trying to set realistic expectations!

  4. hey, sounds like a lot of fun. I love H&M as well, it's a great store. That would be totally weird to just work anywhere, I wouldn't ever get anything done...good for you! (although it looks like you are wearing a sweatshirt, not sure what that's all about in the middle of the summer, haha!)