August 10, 2008

We have arrived!

Well, we survived it. We are in Springfield, MA. We can all take a breath now. Now we have to get on with life, our new lives. Kinda scary out here. I don't know what we are going to do tomorrow when Paul leaves us and then we are really stuck out here all by ourselves. You better all keep up with your blogs and emails and phone calls. Otherwise I will send someone to hunt you down, because I am not getting in another car anytime soon to go find you.

To sum up our day we made went through 4 states: Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, and Massachusetts. It was an eventful day with a detour to Niagra Falls, which I had been to before, but it was just as good the second time. Even with the pouring rain. The ride wasn't too bad, thanks to Stephenie Meyer and her wonderful writing. And there was a lot more scenery today, or should I say various scenery. Here you go, more pics:

Cleveland, OH: As we were heading out of Ohio. This stadium is where the Cleveland Indians play. I was amazed that it sat right in downtown. Kinda funny place for a baseball stadium. And next to it was the arena for the Cavaliers.

Meet Volv, he is a toy KC got on our honeymoon and deemed would travel with us to all places. So here we have Volv in Pennsylvania. We have many pics of Volv from this trip, but I figured I wouldn't overload you now with "Where is Volv?" (Note: the toy is named Volv, we didn't give it that name. I sounds too close to a dirty part...but that is what the box said to call it.)

This picture isn't very good. But if you can see that slim line of water towards the middle of the picture than you are seeing Lake Erie. It was huge, though this picture doesn't give it any justice. And for the smallest of the lakes I can't imagine what the other lakes look like.

KC and I at Niagra falls. We were soaked. But it was AWESOME!

We didn't get any pictures of Massachusetts, but believe me there will be plenty more to come. It was night when we drove in, but to brief is very green, you can't see any city light because there is so many trees. The trees are everywhere. The town thus far is small, but I really have only seen one block, so that doesn't mean so much. Well, keep checking back and I will keep writing. Love you all and talk to you soon enough.


  1. Congrats on arriving safely! You must post pics when you get your place set up! =)

  2. You'll look back and love those pictures forever! Glad you're there safe.

    Have fun putting a house together. That first trip to the store was the source of our first fight. You gotta have a trash can in the bathroom right? Right. I'm gonna tell Patrick you're on my side. He thought we just needed one for the whole house. Man...boys!

  3. HORRAY!!!!!!!! you arrived safely. kylie's right we are all dying to see your place!

  4. Yah! You made it alive. I'm really excited for you. Unpacking is so much fun-trying to decide where to put things and getting your house decorated-You'll love it! Just don't let KC have too much input or you'll be stuck having to have him agree on everything forever-these Garner boys are way too opiniated about house decor! hmmm? :)
    Miss ya!

  5. I was just in Cleveland a month ago! Ohio is one of my favorite states. Never been to Mass...yet! :)

  6. good to hear that you got there safe! So glad that you had yummy books to read on your way! :) and just remember... you have to get lost at least once so that you really know where everything is! (but I hope you don't stay lost for long...) :)