August 09, 2008

Stop #3: Cleveland, OH

Yeah, I got the cord, you ready for some pics?

Wyoming, windmills...KC really like them. But I couldn't wait to get out of Wyoming. It looked a lot like Utah to me. Nothing special.

Me in the truck at a gas stop. We make stops about every 3 hours.

Cozad, I can't remember, but I think this was in Nebraska. Could have been early in the day in Iowa. Everything starts to blend together. We stopped here to get some subway. I can tell you that one thing I am looking forward to is eating home cooked food again. My stomach is not handling all the fast food that well.

Iowa, my favorite state so far. How can you say this is boring scenery?? Sorry about the bug smear from the windshield. But it adds to the effect of traveling right?

This is the restaurant we ate breakfast at this morning, while we were still in Davenport, Iowa. It was a cute little place and nice to have something somewhat healthy.

What we were served at the restaurant. JK, but this was the decor. It was a lamp sitting on our table. Makes you hungry huh?

The mississippi river. It was big, and everytime I said so KC started to giggle.

A bridge in Illinois. Kinda cool.

We took a detour for Kase. Notre Dame's football stadium. We had to get off the toll road and back on so it cost us $10 bucks to come here, but Kase thought it was well worth it.

Touch down Jesus!

Well, that is pretty much it so far. Not too exciting huh? And I didn't even show you all the hours and hours stuck in a penske truck. I don't recommend trying it. So I spared you all those details. But if you want a briefing it consists of mainly of KC farting. I think Paul and I are ready to kick him out. Maybe we will just leave him here in cleveland.

PS - Krick, we passed an exit for Indianapolis. I thought of you...wonder how far away we were from Payton?


  1. Hooray! Pictures! Glad you're making it through. Keep driving safely!

  2. Sounds like you guys are having fun! I'm sure you can't wait until you get there. How was Wicked, by the way? Plus, I have something to tell you, give me an e-mail when you have time :)

  3. I need that lard lamp for my little brother!! That was hilarious. And I've never seen the Mississippi...I'm pretty sure I'd think it was big too...tell KC to stop being mean!!

    Braving little diners on the way to could be a Food Network show....yes??

    Drive safe!!

  4. bettyanne7:03:00 PM

    Vieve, I love reading your narration about the country. Maybe you could get your own show: Vieve and KC on the Road with Dad! Thanks, so much, for taking the time to do this. It's fun to see you guys, but I wish you were here. We miss you, but are happy your journey has been a safe one and we're very excited for your wonderful adventures ahead! You go girl! Love always, Mom

  5. I was so excited for pictures and you didn't disappoint. Looks like you guys had as much fun as one can have traveling cross country in cramped quarters. Too bad you didn't see Peyton :(

  6. Anonymous9:09:00 AM

    So I just got back from me and Eth's trip to Indiana. We flew out on the night of the 7th and waved to you guys knowing you were somewhere down there driving or sleeping. The next day we stopped in South Bend to pick up some stuff and then drove down south, but before we drove down south we stopped at Notre Dame too! We were there probably just a few days before you and took the same pictures! Hope life is grand!