August 09, 2008

Stop #2 - Davenport, Iowa

I had heard before the trip that we would see cornfields for hours on end. I also heard that I would get sick of seeing them. And considering I am not the biggest nature lover, I was pretty sure I would feel that way. But I was wrong. Iowa and Nebraska were beautiful. I absolutely loved seeing cornfield after cornfield. And the rolling, but still pretty flat hills were gorgeous. I was amazed at the farmers neat rows, and by the hay bails that were so tighly spun. I loved the green underlying the yellow tops of the corn. And the new starts of plants that were green for miles. KC and I both stared out the window for most of the day. It was something neither of us had seen. And it was something we both loved.

The drive felt shorter today than it did yesterday. It must have been because of the beautiful scenery distracting me. Wyoming did nothing for me yesterday. It was also helpful that we got the audio books out and started with "Odd Thomas", a Dean Koontz novel. I have no clue what is going on in the book as of right now, I found I had a hard time paying attention. But the authors voice was so soothing that it put me to sleep for a couple hours. So that was very well worth the cost of the cds.

We hit some very bad traffic mid-Iowa, but for the most part our trip has been smooth sailing. We keep taking pictures, but since we don't get into the hotels until past 11pm, I can't ever seem to get the pics loaded for you all. Hopefully I will get to that sometime, because I want to share this beautiful country with you all. I feel very luck to experience this much of our country. It seems very different than I remembered it from driving to NY at age 8. And man it is breath-taking.

Well, I really ought to get some real sleep, not truck sleep. Talk to you guys soon!

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