August 07, 2008

I'm not good with goodbye's

So tomorrow, well I guess today (it's late), KC, Paul, and I are hitting the open road. Destination, our new home in Springfield, MA. Tonight I had to say goodbye to our families (for the time being) and I found out that I am not good at goodbye's. I bawled, too say the least. I really am at a loss for words right now. Many of my family members (on both KC and my side) have said alot of things to me these past few days that I am not sure if I deserve*. But I did appreciate every token of love they shared with me. It will be what I hold onto during those times of loneliness, not that KC isn't the best companion, cuz he is. But honestly there is something that family provides and it is hard to be far in physical space from them. I am so grateful for the support and love they have shown me as I embark on this change in life.

With that short bit said, because I am really overwhelmed with all of it, I want to tell everyone that I love them. That I desire more than anything right now that you all enjoy life and share your excitement with me. Even though change is hard, it is what makes us grow. Grow as an individual, as a spouse, as a sister or brother, as a daughter/son, and as a friend. I never realized how much I would miss everything. But you don't until it is gone right? So appreciate time together. And I will appreciate all the time I have with you. I love you all and please, PLEASE, stay in touch.

Now that's done...I will update you often. I make a promise today that I will be a better blogger. And to post how our trip is going, if I have service. Wish us the best of luck! I will see all my Utah friends when the snow is falling and the jingle bells are ringing. And that isn't too far away, because I saw Christmas stuff at costco today.

* To see how wonderful my family has been go to:
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  1. Love you Vieve! And I will say, I don't think I've ever felt a more heartfelt hug than I did last night from you. You will be so missed! ;)

  2. You are going to be just fine! It is hard to leave family, but you have a great adventure ahead of you! And trust me, as long as your husband is your best friend, you will be happy wherever you are together. I know that from experience :) I can't wait to read all a bout your adventures in MA. (And I'm excited to have another friend on the East Coast!!)