September 11, 2008

I was laying on the hardwood floor of apartment, doing crunches, wishing I had a yoga mat and pondering some thoughts about my adventure in Massachusetts. My first thoughts were of the wood beam that runs across our ceiling and the exposed brick on the exterior walls. This is the scenery most of my adventure has consisted of. I am in the house 5 out of 7 days. And I have found myself getting a bit on the crazy side, just from being cooped up in the house so long. I walk outside of the apartment twice a day, once to get the mail and once to get to the workout room. And I don't feel depressed, but I feel sad that my life is so unexciting. So to remind myself that I have a different and fun life, I thought I would reminisce on my weekends out around the town. Which KC has really good about getting us out to do something.

My first time out on the town was to the mall and I really enjoyed it. Even though I have seen shops and clothes before, I love to people watch. And people are definitely different here. Gold heart hoop earring are definitely the style right now, every girl wears them. And there are lots of different types of clothing worn, it is actually very refreshing, since everyone in Utah wears Down East Basic or Shade shirts. Which I am not dissing, I wear them too. It just gets a little cookie cutter back at home. Here people show their personalities in their clothes. I hope I get to the point and have the money to dress how I feel I should. Things would get a lot classier. But I guess this is what I will look like for the time being:

There will be more to the mall photos, at a later time. We tried to capture how big it was, but we didn't get time to take snaps of all the long halls and floors.

Last weekend we went to Northampton, which has been my favorite place we have driven around. It was beautiful. The picture below was as we drove through the "mountain", but it is more like a large hill. Even though this was in the mountain, pretty much everywhere you drive in Mass is like this, with a wall of trees, even the freeway.

We were told that the shops and food were great. It actually reminded me alot of Main Street in Park City. The shops were high priced and fansy, but with a hippy feel.
And in our search to find an outstanding Mass restaurant we hit a mexican place that our banker was raving about.

To give you a little intake, the beans tasted like they came from a can and they sold pinatas for $10. Hmm. I doubt we will be back, but then again for two large tostadas and a full plate with half beans/half mexican rice, it costs me $3.40. So then again, we might.

This weekend we plan to hit Hartford, CT. It is supposed to rain VERY hard so we will see what happens. But we will be going somewhere, I need fresh air, I need to get my sanity back.


  1. Yay! Someone else that now finds Utahns "cookie cutter!" Don't get me wrong, I love Utah and all, but seriously, there is SO MUCH more to see & do in this world, ya know??

    Glad you are enjoying your adventure!

  2. Hey girl! Yay for seeing your little adventures! I *think* Katie lived in Northhampton! (That's where Smith is right?). I hear it's totally beautiful. :)

  3. Yesterday I went over to Hilz place to pick up some cupcakes. As I was pulling out I was thinking about how we use to live over there. I got to thinking that I am glad that when we lived right next door to each other we took full advantage. Running, carpooling, working, eating, partying. Those were some fun times. Anyway, I'm glad we totally abused the privilege of being neighbors.

    Can't wait for pictures of Hartford!

  4. Hey lady, don't knock DownEast T-shirts, for without them I would be naked. And no one wants that!

  5. Danity Kane is performing for free and you MIGHT not go. You've got to be kidding me. You should go, could go, would go, must go. Yes in the rain, yes on a train...yes for free, please please take me!!!

    P.S. Mom called me the other day to tell me that YOU are the favorite, and all because of Hydrox. Jerk.

  6. looks like fun and i'm glad gen any time you think you meant explode in your apartment just give me a *ring*
    even at school because i meant be thinking the same thing! haha!

  7. I love to see pictures of your new life and adventures. Keep it up! My favorite is the picture of the road with the trees-that is how it looked in Virginia. I'll have to get online tomorrow and tell you about my trip. It was fun! I'm SO happy to be home to Gabby and Josh though.
    Don't be bummed out about sitting around all day/every day. That is what I do too-I just do it with a crazy little girl by my side. You are having adventures and trying new things. Yah!!! :)