September 15, 2008

The Big E

*Warning this is a post consisting of photos easily used for blackmail, by going forth with reading this post you hereby sign your life you will not post, write, fax, or distribute these photos in any other way. Thankyou, now enjoy as Hilary would call them, my "fat photos" (definition: pictures taken of you divouring food, making you look as though you were about to eat everything in eyesight).

Start of post....

Our "adventure" for last weekend was the fair called the "Big E". This fair consisted of five states (Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Massachusetts). I originally heard that it was the largest fair in the world, then I was corrected, it was the largest in the nation. And lastly I learned that it is one of the 10 largest fairs in America. So I was already a little skeptical about the size of the fair and how it would hold up to the rumors. When we finally got there, it really just was a regular fair. It didn't feel all that much bigger than the Utah State Fair. Cuz come on the truth is, you go to the fair to see what kind of crazy stuff they can fry. And how much of it you can eat. And they had it all. The only differences from the Utah State Fair and the Big E is that the Big E has humidity:
( This picture is for Kylie, this is proof that you are not alone in the hair crisis that is called humidity)

And secondly the Big E has this:

The advertisements for the fair had shown people biting into this deliciousness of bread flakes and whipped cream. And in truth this is the only reason I ever agreed to go to the fair. The only problem is that I didn't want one until I got some real lunch first (you've gotta coat your stomach with the fried stuff and frozen lemonade first). One thing I didn't consider eating for lunch was:

I ended up wussing out and just getting a sausage on a bun, here is lovely picture:

Even still, no matter what you eat at the fair you still end up with a upset stomach or "excitement allergy"*. And thus to keep the friends we came with I decided to pass on eating a cream puff and instead got it to go (along with a chocolate eclair). Later that night I inhaled the wonderful pastry, no joke it was so delicious that it was gone in a matter of seconds. KC was able to get a quick snap before the disappearing act began:


*Excitement allergy is described by The One and Only Telsey on her blog as an allergy that my family gets when they are in particular activities, such as vacations, theme parks, book stores, etc that would cause excitement, resulting in an allergic reaction of a good onset of the number 2s.


  1. Love it! So glad I'm not alone (although, you look pretty good in that photo girl!)

  2. I think excitement allergy must be a Johnson thing...seriously Leah and I get it all the time!

  3. That cream puff looks delicious. One question, does that mean we finally have a name for the illness we suffer when we go to the bookstore in St. George?

  4. Man! kelsy has that perfect, we really do get excitement allergies. haha. I love cream puffs too...mmmm, that one looked really amazing!

  5. Mmmmm...Cream Puff....(you have to say that in a Homer voice). I sure do LOVE a good cream puff. My Mom makes the best! How fun to go to the fair. I missed ours when I was in VA but Gabby went with Josh, Will, and G'pa Paul. He forgot to look for the famous fried twinkie-I hear it is one yummy treat!
    And as far as the humididty goes..I know about that! It was so hot and humid in VA I thought I was going to die-I seriously could not breath. Craziness! The only plus is that you don't have to put on very much lotion!

  6. you look fine in that picture of the humidity hair! oh, and i know i was brillant with the whole excitement allergy thing!

  7. wow. that is a big cream puff!

    PS, you will get used to the humidity, I promise. Kinda.

  8. Humidity. Doom for hair-do's. And it just grosses me out because it feels like the air that comes back to you when you breathe into a pillow. Warm and moist...gross! I call it used air..and I think it sucks.

    The fair looks delightful. And the cream puff picture, well, it could be used for some pretty serious blackmail. But I will not, as per the written rules!

    I'm glad you guys are having so much fun!