September 20, 2008

Thinking of You, Scrapbook USA

There are three holidays a year that get me shakey from excitement the day before and make it hard to sleep that night. One of these is Christmas (more so for Christmas Eve). The other two are the spring and fall scrapbooking expos. So with the fall expo being this weekend, I was feeling very far away and very sad. I IM'ed Kelsy yesterday making sure she was still going to represent us at the expo, but she said that she would only be going for a class on Saturday. I was very shocked, you mean you guys have the opportunity to go and you are only going for a class? What happened to happy hookey friday and then continueing on through Saturday? I told her she needed to get Hilary to take her...but she replied that Hilary had to work. luckily when I called back later that day, she told me that her friends were going to go with her. Knowing that she was going to have fun at the event, made me feel better. At least someone was going to enjoy the shopping and crafting.

With the thought of Kelsy running around the expo buying everything in sight and organizing all her new buys to fit into her bag, I decided to get to work myself. I got into the last few boxes we haven't unpacked that contain all my stuff. And then I got to organizing. I have to say that this part of my hobby is my favorite. I like the shopping, cutting, glueing, creating new stuff, but since I started, organizing has always been my favorite.

My mom used to say when we cleaned our rooms that you have to make a huge mess to make a clean room. I transfered this idea over to how I cleaning everything. If you get it all out it is much easier to organize. KC was watching the U of U game (or in otherwords, was enjoying one of his favorite holidays) so he barely noticed the tornado I created on our kitchen table.

But when all was done I felt a bit more fulfilled. Less sad. And even had some time to make a card. Which I thought turned out pretty cute.


  1. Hi. I was hoping you were online to chat, but you aren't so this will have to do. I just noticed your bit about the fourth book and I TOTALLY agree. I was left very disappointed as well. I'm still dying to see the Twilight movie though-wish we could see it together.
    I wish I could say I feel your pain about the scrapbooking expo but we both know that is not my forte. But I will say the card you made is darling! A talent I am jealous of for sure. Hope you have a good week. I'll try to get online tomorrow.

  2. You have captured the true art of scrapbooking. The organizing of supplies. I've organized and re-organized so many times...I could have actually made some process on scrapbooking. But honestly, the organization may possibly be more rewarding!!

    I too shed a tear for the expo. I have NO ONE to go with. But I will say that skipping a few...makes the stuff seem more exciting when you can finally go!

    Your card rocks. I'm going to publically state here that I will be scraplifting your idea to wrap ribbon around that clip and then brad it down. Genius!! Did you roll the Leaf paper?? I know it can be done...but I don't know how. If you did....Wow! If not, don't think less of your self.

    Perk up camper! You may be able to put together some awesome christmas cards with all your extra time. And we'll all think you are amazing. Which you are!!

  3. i loved this post everything was good!