October 04, 2008

Gennie Appleseed

When I was in elementary school we used to sing a song about Johnny Appleseed. I don't think I ever really knew anything about Johnny, except for that he wore a pot on his head and planted appleseeds. I still don't know anything about Mr. Appleseed. But one thing I understand now is why he would go around planting appleseeds. This was sole a journey to share the enjoyment of a sweet apple crisp off into your mouth. I am not talking about apples from the grocery store. I am talking about apples right off the tree. Because I learned today you haven't had a real apple until you have had one right from the orchard.

At noon, we met up with another couple to go apple picking at an orchard just a hop and a skip away. Not only was it an enjoyable Saturday with friends, it was a yummy one too. Our friends were experienced at this activity, so we followed suit as they picked an apple and started to eat as we filled our bags. The first bite, brought surprise to our faces as we found white instead of yellow inside of the stunning red skin. The sweetness continued to surprise us as each bite was juicy and delicious. I didn't know trees grew candy, but in New England they do!

KC eating an apple, and enjoying the scenery.

This apple looks like it has a yellow core, but let me tell you it was very white. I seriously couldn't get over it. I have totally been spoiled, and who knows if I can go back to store bought apples ever again.

These are our awesome friends, Rich and Megan, who invited us. Then Rich cooked us a fabulous dinner this evening. They have been really kind to us, and we enjoy their company. So, Rich and Megan,if you ever read this, thanks for the great day!

Me reaching for an apple.

KC picked some leaves from the trees, the colors are stunning out here. These were a bit dry by the time I scanned them in. But still pretty incredible.





  1. Ha! I can't believe you scanned the leaves in.

    I seriously love orchards. It's been way too long since I've had apples off the tree. That last view is totally stunning.

    Thank you, Rich and Megan, for taking care of my sister and KC!

  2. Gosh, Vieve, you're a good photographer. Thanks for taking me on this journey too. I absolutely love seeing the world through your eyes! Good job!

  3. Great photos! I especially love that one where you're seductively eating that apple. It made me REALLY want one (and I'm not even a big apple fan). Miss you guys!

  4. There are no words to describe the depth of my jealousy!! I am SOOoo jealous of all the fun adventures you both are having. I am very proud that you are getting out every weekend and exploring your new world...and getting in touch with your nature side.
    Also, you hair looks rockin' in that picture of you eating the apple-I am officially inspired to grow my hair out.

  5. Actually KC is our photographer...he has taken all of our photos on his iPhone since I can't find my camera's battery charger. So credit is due to him.

  6. WOW. That looks like SO much fun! What a beautiful orchard!! Can this be one of the things we do when we come out??

    I wish there was some way for you to send us some of them apples.

    They look soooooooo good.

    I'm glad you guys had a good time!

  7. How do you like them apples?
    (sorry I couldn't resist)

  8. Those look really great! There is an amazing apple orchard across the street from my Grandma's house. We love this time of year because they bring her unpasturized apple cider. It's amazing!! I really think just about anything tastes amazing straight out of the ground, or right off the tree. But I am grateful for the grocery store. Since once I killed a cactus, and doubt seriously if I could keep an actual plant alive.

  9. I'm so jelous with all the fun adventures you are having. Is KC really in school or are you there to just have fun?! By the way I tried your recipe for Boyd, his dad, his bro Phil, Port and Me. We loved it. Thank You. If you find more please blog them I'm always up for a good recipe.

  10. Anonymous9:47:00 AM

    I want to be there!!! I'm so glad you are getting out and exploring whats around you. Nice to be making new friends. How is work going and school? Haven't talked to KC since the awesome win the Ute's pulled out. Miss you both. The house is too quiet.
    Love me