October 12, 2008

Mt Tom, Massachusetts

Picture in the middle (L to R): Genevieve, KC, Rich, Megan, Bob, and Katie

KC and I woke up bright and early Saturday morning, well bright and early for us...so 8:30am, to go hiking with some of KC's friends from law school. I had asked KC earlier in the week what kind of hike this would be and he said that it wouldn't be very vigorous. In fact, we had planned on it being so "not vigorous" that we didn't pack any food or water for the hike and instead showed up only with only a thin hoodie for me, no hoodie for KC, and our slippery running shoes. When I saw his friends, my eyes immediately were drawn to the backpacks that assumedly were packed with trail mix, water, warm clothing, etc. I should have known better, I mean KC is not one for planning. It was actually very out of the ordinary for me not to over prepare for a outing such as this. But we luckily had time to hit the closest gas station for a water bottle before we got to the trail head.

Once there, we found a map of the area and marked our destination. The trails were like none I had been on in Utah, very unmarked, very scattered. Within the first five minutes we were lost, and panic started to rise in my chest, remembering that if we were to get completely stranded in this mountain I would not have anything to help KC and I survive. While lost we did get to see a gorgeous waterfall, but I had a hard time enjoying it know that I may have to camp out there. Okay, so I may be a bit over the top here. No one else was worried and there really was no real reason to be, we were only five minutes from the entrance to the canyon. Once again I am just exaggerating the story. So to move on...

We hiked 4 hours total. Seeing very many things, including ponds, caterpillars, decaying rock, holed out trees, and the most beautiful outlook over Easthampton, MA. I was quiet for most of the hike and felt very out of place with the group we went with. I have found myself to be shy in many situations out here. It kinda sucks. I never thought of myself as shy until now, but for some reason I just get this anxiety that people aren't going to like me, and thus leave me more alone than I am now. So I get quiet, thinking that if I don't say anything then I can't look stupid, or cocky, or ditzy, or whatever else I may be. But after the hike I started to think that maybe I just looked rude and grumpy. I can't do anything right, I swear. Making friends is tough. Makes you realize how grateful you are for your friends and family that have stuck with you for many, many years. They made life too easy for me, and now that I need friends in my life, I can't get any because I have such a hard time even talking. But ya, sorry for that moment. Back to the hike..

When we got to the outlook at Mt. Tom, I was stunned with all the fall colors that speckled the valley. We are very lucky to experience these things, and I will never look back with regret on these weekends here. To see the world from so high up is breath taking. It doesn't even look real, it is so perfect. I wish that I could have had you all there to share this view. It is hard to write about all our experiences because I just wish that I didn't have to, I would rather have you guys with us, there in the experience, not reading of it. I hope you guys all know that I miss everyone. Looking over Massachusetts was wonderful, but it left me feeling very homesick. I think part of it was that it reminded me of when Kelsy and I went on a hike at exactly this time of year. We had so much fun. Or it reminds me of when Hilary fell in the little stream and got soaked. Or having Kristin at my four year hike for girl's camp. It is amazing where I feel my family so close, or I guess so far away. I love you guys so much.

Okay, what is up with me today?...so anywho, we hit several outlooks. Each just as breathtaking. We also scaled a cliff. And then it got to a point where we were going to climb these rocks on the edge of the cliff, and I had to stop, I just couldn't do it. So I let the others go ahead and they didn't go far before turning around. Our trip down the mountain went alot faster, until I biffed it on a rock and sprained my ankle. KC was a sweetheart and let me use his arm and shoulder as my cruch for the next 45 painful minutes. I am very lucky to have him here with me, and always so willing to be my cruch and support system. He has helped me through some very lonesome times and has also been the best person to share all the happy times with. I love him so much. And now onto another boring week, until the next adventure...what should it be?


  1. Mom says to not say too much that we miss you so you don't get home sick, but screw it...we all miss you!!! Everyone of us. We are always talking about The Vieve. Don't think for a minute that you have been forgotten. The conversation around the dinner table always turns to "Who's talked to Vieve most recently" and what have you been up to. We all have paper chains counting down the days until you come home for Christmas.

    We're just glad you are having a ton of fun adventures. We wish we were with you, or you with us...either would be lovely :)

  2. No more blogs like that. It made me cry. Not only because I miss you, but because I know how you feel. Yes, living in Orem was only a little ways away, but I didn't have a car to get home, and felt very alone.

    You never realize how hard it is to make friends until you are forced to. I just remember feeling like I had nothing in common with anyone.

    Gen, I miss you so freakin' bad! I was thinking yesterday how sad it is going to be without the pirate and big huge banana on Halloween. But I hope you guys know that we are still going to act like you are there, because deep down you aren't that far away. Sistas in charge you know.

    I love you Gen.

  3. I know! It made me cry too! We seriously do miss you guys and I have totally been feeling the friend thing this past year. It is so hard to meet friends that you can really connect with on a strong level! I guess that's why our best friendships are so great and so rare. I also have insecurities when meeting new people and I always worry about what I said afterward.

    Anyway, you are such a great friend and I know people can see that! Best of luck Vieve girl! Love you! =)

  4. SHEEESH....you are making me cry too. That hike that we went on was some much fun i still have like a bizillion photos from that day.... gen i love you soooo much i love how much we still talk

    love kelsy NOT MIA!!!

  5. Yep. You figured it out half way through your hike. Others take the silence to mean something other than that you're feeling out of place. They think you think you're better than them, or that your snotty, or that you don't wanna be there. (At least that's what people have told me when I've acted like that) I'm going...hey, I'm just being quiet today. And they're going...don't invite her next time!

    That's not to put more pressure on you...actually less! Just say what you wanna say, show them that you're a great person (which you are) and find something in common. It's there! And if it's not, then you know right away and you can try going out with someone else next time!!

    You can do it!! (Oh, and I'm sorry you're so homesick...hopefully if you find some great friends, it will help a little!)

  6. You adventures are so fun. I am so proud of the two of you for getting out there and meeting people. Good job!!! And your blog made me cry too-I miss you like crazy but am just grateful we have Skype!! But I totally agree with Lara-just be yourself, what's not to love? People will love you, just relax, and enjoy the adventure of meeting new people. I am sure you will make friends for life during your time out there. When you are away from family, the people around become family in a way. Promise! Love you guys!

  7. You will make some great friends eventually. You are too cute not to! Your homesickness will go away eventually, too, once you settle into your new life. Its hard being away from your friends and family for the first time, but if you keep yourself busy, it will get better. Love ya!

  8. I'm sorry about your ankle! I've sprained my ankle once in the Denver airport...it was embarrassing and very painful!

  9. Anonymous8:30:00 AM

    Vieve I'm so sorry about how hard it is finding friends. What I know is you are beautiful inside and out. There may be people out there that need things that only you can provide, a friend, or an ear to listen to them. There are no reasons that anyone wouldn't benefit from being your friend you have so much to give. I learned all that while you lived with me. I love and miss you not just KC but Vieve girl. Keep trying good things will come.
    Luv you Terri