October 17, 2008

Project Runway

I am an absolute sucker for fashion reality tv. And the fall is the best time to catch these shows. The best part about fashion reality is you get girl drama, ditsy hosts, fabulous clothes, and alot of interesting tips. My absolute favorite of these shows is ANTM, but others include The Rachel Zoe Project, Tim Gunns' Guide to Style, and last but definitely not least my new interest...Project Runway.

Project Runway came to a season close on Wednesday in a two hour finale (Note: Spoiler Below). I had been excited to see who the winner would be, because it was such a close call. Personally I was routing for Korto. Her african heritage brought interesting colors, that caught my eye. The season finale started with four finalists, and after the first hour Jerell was sent home packing. Thank goodness, that boy was a pain in the neck. The last three remaining contestants were given the opportunity to show a line they created at the Mercedes Benz show at NYC Fashion Week.

Kendley kept her trend with showing things that you might see in Wiley Wanka's Chocolate factory. Her highlighted outfit was the one shown above. I actually like the top half of the dress. But the huge tutu was kinda scary. And thus, Kendley you can take you whinny, artsy, fartsy, butt back to the drawing board.

Korto, as you can see uses those fabulous colors. I loved her highlighted dress. Beautiful beadwork. I am so sorry you didn't win, you should have.

Leanne, bugged me. She is so annoying and cocky. But you have to give her credit for her ability to create all types of outfits. She was the only one to present pants, shorts, skirts, dresses, etc. And her clothes are more wearable for the average citizen. The top included in her highlighted outfit was not my favorite. But that skirt. I want it. So cute!


  1. I didn't catch this season so it was nice to have a recap on your blog. I agree-that skirt is pretty cute-it looks like you.
    Don't you just LOVE the ANTM marathons?? Oh man-it's hard to tear me away from the TV when that is on!

  2. Gen-

    I LOVE project runway, but we dont have the channel, this was a good blog. That show is so awesome, I love some of the clothes they make. It's on Bravo right??

    Anyways, ANTM is freakin' awesome this season. I haven't liked it this much in a while. Go Elina!

  3. Anonymous8:12:00 AM

    It is getting harder and harder to like the clothes that are coming out. You would think I would luv them cuz they are the same ones I wore when I was a teenager. Guess it's because I just can't wear them. Keep me up to date Vieve I need it.
    Luv Terri

  4. um.......

    Where is your Boston blog?

    I'm waiting........

  5. write already.......gosh!

  6. blah blah blah..... blah blah...blah blah. Oh man!