October 29, 2008

Somebody has to say it...

Since all of our photos are on KC's iphone, and he is at basketball, I can't post about the pumpkin I carved on Saturday... (KC posted about the pumpkins on his blog, so if you are curious you can click here). But I haven't posted for a couple weeks, so I thought I better before someone gets mad. So I thought I would do something I don't normally do, but I am going to get bold and just spill what's on my mind. So we are calling this post "Somebody has to say it..."

Somebody has to say it...Tim Daly is good looking. And a mixture of posting on your blog and watching Private Practice can make for a good wednesday evening.

Somebody has to say it...Obama would make a great president. That is my opinion, if you feel differently don't share, just go vote.

Somebody has to say it...a good workout does the body and the mind good. And listening to Cannonball by the Breeders while running only helps.

Somebody has to say it...living away from my family on Friday will not be fun. Especially when I could be attending "Casino del Candy".

Somebody has to say it...bratwurst is yummy. And particularly when sauted with some onion and apple. Treats the tummy well.

Somebody has to say it...money equals evil. Or it at least makes evil people. Greedy people. I never want to be that.

Somebody has to say it...that working sucks. Particularly when you are overloaded with training, troubleshooting, and trying to get to all the regular stuff on the list. And to make things worse you work hours and hours of overtime, you are underappreciated, and you don't have any time to enjoy the rest of life.

Somebody has to say it...I worry too much. I stress too much. I cry too much.

Somebody has to say it...KC can make any situation turn from depressing into laughing until you your bones are weak, your cheeks hurt, and all you can do is remember why life is good. I love him, he saved me yesterday.


  1. Ok..first of all you have to teach me how to change the font color-I really need to give my blog an upgrade!
    I also wanted to say that I can't believe you like bratwurst. Ok, ok so I've never actually tried it but it just looks SO nasty.
    I also agree that Tim Daly is fine and I've loved him since Wings. And I'm very sorry that you don't get to be with your family for Halloween. If I had more money I'd put together a fantastic Halloween package to mail to you-but I'm dirt poor so just remember it's the thought that counts! :) Also, I'm sorry work has been so crazy for you lately. Hopefully you can de-stress this weekend with some Halloween candy! And last...we love and miss you VERY much...Somebody has to say it! :)

  2. I love bratwurst too. But I'm gonna have to disagree and say that it's good for the tastebuds, and then NOT so good for the tummy. I always regret it afterward.

    And I just need the address to the "Casino del Candy" that sounds like a delightful establishment. (And something that would be a stop on the candyland gameboard. I think the "character card" for that one would need to be "Queen of Candy Hearts" and she could get into a fight with Lord Licorice when he plays blackjack and cheats!!...I spend way too much time doing things with a 6 year old!)

    I too hope you cheer up! And I also think that if your mood doesn't improve with some Halloween candy...at least your mouth will be happier. There's just something about tiny candy...in large quantities...that can make a frown turn upside down!!

  3. Anonymous11:11:00 AM

    All I can say is that Ethan would be so proud of you for jumping on the Obama band wagon, he's very into this election...we watch political commentary every night (not for my viewing pleasure). And I have to agree with you on Tim Daly, loved Wings and was maybe the cause of me watching that show.

  4. I think I agree with all of those...The Breeders, bratwurst, KC being hilarious....Yep, you're right on the button.

    All I have to say, is that there will be many more halloween parties to come, and although this one sounds fun, it really isn't turning out like I thought it would be. I have a feeling you wont be too sad, or I hope not :(

    I really really wish you guys could be here though, I hope you do something fun for Halloween, whatever it might be. We miss you Gen, all of us really really do.

  5. you want some good brats?? Go to Wisconsin. Ditto if you want some good ice cream, too.

    And Im sorry, but somebody has to say it...Obama??? I just threw up in my mouth...

  6. BRATWURST IS THE BOMB gen your so sweet that last one was very cute and very true! love you both!

  7. Bratwurst are actually pretty good. I am so glad that things are going well, even if they are a little hecktic!

  8. Along the lines of "someone's got to say it":

    All of your butts are ugly. No explanation needed or going to be stated.

    Daniel was the very best ever! I'm sorry to say it, but your started it: Someone has to say it! That kids had rhythm like no other!

    Yes, bratwurst is tasty.

    When I read Tim Daly, I had no opinion about the looks, but Gen, how cute. You've liked that guy since you and I sat, side by side, laughing at Wings every morning together. There's just something cozy about the whole deal.

    What other things would I like to say, now that I can say them?

    I think the word "chaffing" is weird.

    Life without you and KC around sucks.

    Running still rules.

    I love old people.

    Thanks, Keith C., for creating Utah Truffles. I recently asked Derek if his dad would adopt me. My parents are gone, so am I too old to adopt? Wouldn't that be awesome? Fifty-three-year-old gets adopted by seventy-three-year-old? I'd do it! I want to soooooo bad.

    Basil, Ozzie and Asher are the three cutest kids of all!

    Let's run together every day when you come here in Dec.

    Tah-tah for now. Love you, Gen. Mom