November 12, 2008

Christmas is coming...the Goose is getting fat!

With the holidays coming up, I know myself well enough to know that I will be eating more and more as each day gets closer to Christmas. So in an effort to counteract the weight gain that is most likely going to occur, I have been working out a bit harder than my average day to day exercise routine. Typically I work out 45 minutes 4-5 times a week. The 45 minutes include warm up and cool down. So I decided that I would start working out 45 minutes not including the warm up and cool down. I am also trying to make sure that I am working out no less than 5 days. And believe it or not, I have stuck to this routine for two, almost three, weeks now and have lost a pound and a half. This may not seem like a great feat, but I don't lose weight easily, and I have to rationalize and tell myself that I probably lost 5 pounds in fat and gained 3.5 in muscle. I doubt that is true, since I haven't been doing much weight lifting. But hey, gotta give myself a pat on the back for not just sitting on my butt, weight loss or not. But the downfall of trying to run for 45 minutes straight is that my legs are starting to ache towards the end of the week before I take a break on Fridays. In fact, this got me craving bengay tonight.

If you haven't discovered this pain relieving cream, then you need to. My mom used to rub this on our legs after hiking, rollerblading, or any other activity. The warming sensation brought to your aching muscles is so appeasing. And not only is it a relief, it brings back memories of all us kids smelling like toothpaste. Which brings giggles and endorphins to further heal those aches and pains.

But the whole reason I was posting was to discuss my thoughts on the wiifit. I have been using the wiifit as a tool for tracking my time spent exercising. It kinda frustrates me that you can't put in hours of working out for prior days. However, this frustration has turned into a benefit. The past few days I have been logging on daily to put in my 45 minutes, I find that if you report your progress to something you keep on track.Once I am finished putting in my time, I decide that since I am on there I might as well do some of the workouts. I wouldn't replace my workout with the wiifit but I do have a few workouts that make me break a sweat.

When you first log on it tells you a few tips or asks some questions. Yesterday it asked me...

"Have you seen Kase?"
"Do you think he is.... (a) gaining weight (b)stayed the same (c) lost weight"
I said (b)stayed the same in which it responded
"Isn't improving and changing better than staying the same? They say that owners who show more attention to their pets are more likely to have an impact on the improvement in habit."

...did KC rigg this thing? Is there a bug in our house? What the h-e-double hockey sticks was that? So now I am all afraid that the glowing eye (which is the wii's way of telling you there are updates) is actually spying on us. Kase if this is your way of saying I haven't paid enough attention, I am so sorry. And that isn't funny...I am not even going to record my time in that thing, despite the fact that I like the boxing, lunges, and yoga. Or that it may possibly give me a girlish figure. I am a little creeped out.


  1. Ha ha! That was SOOoo funny! Maybe you are getting spied on. I haven't used our Wii fit in ages, not I have a reason to keep on ignoring it. Just kidding.
    Actually, your post inspired me to drag it out again. I didn't know it could help me track my exercising. Cool-I'm on it. thanks! Thanks for the inspiration and thanks for the giggle. You are funny!

  2. Christmas is coming...and Lara's already fat.

    What exactly do you suggest for that particular dilemma? Exercise? Nope. Not gonna happen. Well, I have done Turbo Jam a couple times this week. That counts...right??

    I'm glad you're able to focus on your health and wellness. What a worthy cause!!

  3. Anonymous4:36:00 PM

    Gen, You will always exercise and will always look great just part of who you are. It really does inspire me, maybe enough to get up off my butt and go walking. Paul and I miss having you and KC around, it is sooo quiet. I think Boxster wonders why its so quiet too. Saturday we raked and raked and raked. We really missed you quy's help. It makes it go so much faster when you have someone to talk with. Patrick and Lara and the kids came and helped out. KC sounds a little overwhelmeld and tired. Give him a kiss and tell him he can only do what he can do. Can't wait for you two to come home. Luv ya Terri