December 16, 2008

All my bags are packed...I'm SO ready to go.

I can't even believe that we are almost to the day that I have been dreaming of since August 5th. And no it isn't a white christmas, although I hear that we are going to have one anyway. I have been dreaming of getting on an airplane and going back to Utah. And the day after tomorrow is that day. So for fun let me tell you all the reasons why I am excited for my Utah vacation (not necessarily in order):

I am so, so excited to see my family. They have been so awesome during these past few months...with many phone calls, webcam chats, pictures, video, IM sessions, packages, snail mail, etc. I haven't felt like they are that far away, and I totally appreciate them always including me. But I have to say that even though we aren't an affectionate family I am excited to be with them and give them lots of hugs. And no side hugs (joff).

This kinda looks like the same picture, but this time it is taken with my Dad's side of my family. I didn't want to exclude them in the family paragraph... just know that I am very excited to spend time with them, too.

MY NEPHEWS!!! It has been so hard to be away from them. I am not a baby person, but I am an aunt...and that makes these boys just dandy. I can't wait to hold them, squeeze them, give them hugs, chase them around, and just see how big they have gotten.

I haven't spent much time talking with KC's family (except for Crystal), but that doesn't mean I haven't missed them. And I am very excited to catch up with on how life has been.

You can't have a trip back to Utah without having time for the girls (and their husband's). And with Rachel moving to Alabama this is going to be an important time to spend together, before it just gets harder and harder to get together.

Living in a city without any scrapbook store (Michaels doesn't count) is a drag. So even if I don't buy anything, just standing in Pebbles will get me through the next few months. However, I think I will purchase something...maybe the share and tell album? I don't know...perhaps.

I haven't found my makeup sold anywhere out here. And I had a hard time paying for shipping knowing that I have a customer appreciation card at Lovely Boutique, and they DO sell my makeup. So this is going to be one of my first stops when we get to town. I need foundation bad.

There is a wing place here that is pretty good. But it would be better with "amazing sauce". I am considering purchasing a bottle of the winger's sauce to bring back home. I am sure I will make a couple stops here while in town.

And I already told KC that I am planning on eating at Training Table at least 2 or 3 times while in Utah. The east coast hasn't perfected hamburgers, and I don't think they have even discovered cheese fries.

So there you have top reasons for why I am stoked to take a vacation in Utah. I could go on and on, telling you about Lettuce and Laddles, Sconecutter, Little Caesars, Super Target, etc. but I figured I would save you the time.

PS- I am not sure how good I will be at the advent calendar thing from now on. As you can see I missed the past two days, and with leaving soon, I think that I will probably be missing alot more. So if I don't write soon, Happy Holidays!


  1. Pebbles, Wingers, Training Table....totally in, anytime you don't have a companion! (Which I'm sure won't happen...but the offer still stands!!)

  2. Fun post-it's always fun to come home and see the ol' stomping grounds. I dream of the day I get to go to Tony's Pizza again for their breadsticks, so I totally understand how you feel!
    I can't believe Thurs. is tomorrow! How did that happen?! Time flies! We are very excited to see you and glad you can share in the misery of the bowling work party! :) Actually, with you two there it should be a good time!
    Love you!

  3. Anonymous12:54:00 PM

    wow, that picture of us i do have some not so good news for you. hallmark used to be right across from lovely boutique...key word "used." they are no longer in business as of a couple of months ago.

  4. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Reasons why I am so excited for Gen to come home:

    1. A lot of family parties, where all of us are actually there.
    2. To go running, at least once, right?
    3. For you to see the nephews, and to see your reaction on how big they have gotten.
    4. To have KC and his great sense of humor around.
    5. No awkward webcams for a few weeks ;)
    6. To go to movies or dinner or hang out in some form!

    Let's make the best of it, can't wait!!

  5. Forget it...I am not coming back...not if I can't get my makeup. JK.

    I guess I will have to start shipping it...bummer.

  6. Anonymous5:02:00 PM

    Yes, it's Vieve's Eve! We are soooooo excited. Let's see my reasons why I am so excited:

    Cause there's just something about having KC around, mostly in his banana suit, but without it too. He's just a good banana to have seated in any room...and to talk football... and hear him say "exactly" hear his best laugh ever...and to see you and him together in real life form and feel of your fun, goodness and love.

    Yes, to get together for partying hardy...we've got too many to count. Please try and make time for the Johnsons cousins too (hopefully at Ozzie's first birthday). They really want to see you as well.

    Running, yes, everyday.

    To see your pretty face, beautiful eyes and see in you who you always have been in my life. You are the original, the one-eyed man, the coo-buh, the one who does love life, is practical, and scared-of-dogs-the-best, and one of the seven true joys of my life.

    Love you, Gen, and see you and the banana manana! Mom