December 13, 2008

One Long Week

KC is officially half way done with finals. This has felt like the longest week of my life. And I am sure he would agree. He had a test this morning (yes, on Saturday) and so it hasn't felt like a weekend thus far. It just feels like one continuously long week. In fact, we went to costco today and KC was shocked that it was so busy on a weekday. When I told him it was Saturday he was surprised, and it started to make sense to him why I wasn't working. I don't think we will feel like there we have a break until we are on the plane to SLC. Since I will be taking off sometime I also have been working additional hours to make up for the loss of hours thursday and friday. So I am kept equally busy. Just not as stressed as KC. So everyone pray that Thursday gets here fast.


  1. Come on Thursday!!!!!!!!!
    I hope you both survive your last few days of craziness.

  2. I hope Thursday gets here fast for you too. I know you can't wait to see your family. (And KC can't wait to be done with finals.) But...the closer it gets....the closer he is to having to start another semester all over again. (just thought I'd give a little pessimistic tidbit...I'm good at that!!)

    The Grinch