December 05, 2008

One more day gone by.

I am barely making the cutoff for today's post. So I will make this a short one. And tomorrow I promise to make up for it. With pictures. Let's just say I got something in mail today and it has provided us with some Christmas cheer.

As for today, it was a pretty good day. Work was as busy as ever, but clocking out after 46 hours of work this week felt oh so good. Then KC invited his study friend, Steve, to join us for dinner at a local joint called Wings Over Springfield. The reviews from friends had been spectacular. Obviously they haven't eaten at Wingers. But it was okay, and I am pretty much happy to go anywhere that isn't our apartment, so it was fun. We then hit the redbox and picked up Prince Caspian, which I had seen, but neither KC nor Steve had seen. It was just as good the second time around. Definitely better than the first Narnia. Anywho, it was once again a good day. And I can mark it off my calendar and it brings me that much closer to the things I want the most - Family and Christmas.

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  1. I've vowed to comment on every single one of your countdown I bugging you yet? :)
    Thanks for the recommendation on Prince of Caspian. I haven't seen it yet but will now that you said you like it so much. I really liked the first so if it's better than that-great!
    Am anxious to find out what your fun mail was!