December 06, 2008

With Love from Mom

Thanksgiving day my mom had slipped out the word that she had sent me a package. A week later and not having received it, I was worried and decided to ask the main office if they had received anything. And lo and behold there was a package. A rather large envelope marked with our names. When we opened the envelope, we found the contents below:

My mom described this as the "Christmas Survival Kit". Knowing that I love Christmas alot, and also knowing that I wasn't purchasing any Christmas decorations for our apartment, she decided to send a few dollar store decorations to us. So today I took some time to decorate our apartment. I have to say that it boost mine and KC's spirits. I think it helped KC remember that Christmas, and his school break, are nearer than he thought. And it helped me feel close to my family. And since I have been very lonely, with KC being gone for his studying, I needed that reminder that there are people out there who think of me and send support and love to us. So thank you mom, and Kristin who helped participate.

So to show you my beautiful are the pictures I promised yesterday.

My mom sent three Utah truffle bars. I ate one the minute we opened package. I forgot how good those are.

I liked this reindeer door hanger. It's hanging on our bedroom door.

These are fun. They reminds me of stuff teachers hang on the walls at school. It brings back the Christmas feelings I had as a kid. The snowman is on our front closet door and the Santa is on the inside of the front door.
The red table runner was a festive addition to our table. I set it on top of our current wood runner. I think it looks pretty good.

These are two other door hangers. I need to get an over the door hanger to put one on the outside of our front door. I like the happy holidays one a lot. The other I will probably hang on the wall inside, as soon as I find the nails. We might be out.

Also in the package was some fun garland. One strand was green, the other was red. I took them apart and mixed the colors.

Then hung one above each of our living room windows. This picture doesn't give it justice. It actually looks really cute. The package also included two electric flame candles (I am not sure if you can picture it) that we set at the base of the windows. So at night from outside it looks like we have candles lit up in the window. I tried to take pictures, but it wasn't working out. It looks better outside than inside.

And ta da! We have a Christmas tree! It's missing two ornaments. But I love it.

And last but not least, a real advent calendar! KC told my family once that he likes the cheap chocolate in these calendars. So my mom said Kristin was pretty excited when she found the calendar for the package.

So this was the picture on the door for today. We made sure to make up for the other days and eat the chocolate for those too.

When we opened the door, we found this. Coming from the dollar store, I have seen stuff like this before. But I still thought it was pretty funny to only get a fourth of a piece of chocolate. I guess I have been cooped up too long, if I think this is funny.

Any way, thanks again mom! We both appreciate the package. I honestly think that it will help us both get through the next few weeks. It is nice to have a reminder that Christmas doesn't have to mean getting extravagant decoration or anything. It is about remembering the people you love and about remembering you are loved by others. So to all of you that might need some Christmas cheer, I want you to know that I love you guys and I am thinking of each of you during this Christmas season. May you have reminders that you are loved in even the small things. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


  1. That is so sweet of your mom to send you all that stuff! I'm glad you get to enjoy some Christmas Cheer before you head home for the holidays! Love ya!

  2. FUN! I love that your Mom sent you a Christmas package-how great! It reminds me of the one I got from my Mom when I was on my mission. I've had a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit this year but this post made it a little better! Thanks! It was a good one for sure.
    I actually had a really cool Christmas experience tonight so check my blog sometime tomorrow-I think you'll like it.
    Again, can't wait to see you!!!
    Merry Christmas!

  3. Oh good. You got the package. Mom was all worried about it. Glad you liked it. :)

  4. i am glad that you liked the package no for a little funny joke you no that sign that says santa stops here? yeah well it actually says santa stop here like a plee for him to stop cause there is no S at the end of stop hahaha love ya gen can't wait to see ya!

  5. I'm glad you got a packages were always my favorite things when I was away. I'm glad you got decorations. That makes all the difference!!

  6. OMG Vieve, my recollection as that I put FOUR Utah Truffles in the package, and ALL the ornaments were on the tree when I sent it off. Gulp! There's a Christmas thief out there. Awesome. Oh well. We're just so glad you liked the package. We knew you had to have "a little Christmas" before you head home for "the big one". Seems like plans keep building bigger by the day over your arrival. Love you both! Mom