March 13, 2009

6 years

What's so special about today? Well, first off it is friday the thirteenth. But KC reminded me two days ago that there was more to today than just for the superstitious holiday. Today, 6 years ago, was KC and my first date. We weren't quite sure how to celebrate, since we have a more important anniversary now. But we can't forget that if it wasn't for that first date we wouldn't have the other anniversary. And since we dated for so long, we got used to celebrating every year on this day in March. Plus it is the perfect opportunity to get out of the wintery blues.

We didn't have much money to spend since we are saving up for a few things and increasing our emergency funds. So we were glad to remember that KC's brother and wife had given us gift cards for our wedding to a couple nice restaurants. We decided tonight was the night to make good use of one of them. We decided to go to the italian restaurant Bertucci's, which is an eastern states version of a more elegant Olive Garden. I ordered the chicken marsala with mushrooms, and "surprise!", KC got pepperoni pizza. I am always amazed how KC always goes for the most americanized and common dish. All in all we had a nice dinner, and a dinner on someone else's penny is always better than the one paid with your own hard earned cash (so thanks Josh and Crystal for treating us to our date, it was wonderful).

But the point to this story is that we got to reflect on 6 years together. I am not going to repeat to you all the nitty gritty details of how I asked him out and how he didn't call me for a month after. But I want to tell the everyone that there is definitely a reason I dated him for so long, it's because I knew being married to him was going to be this great. We went through a lot being together during the past 6 years, and it only made us closer. We both had to defend the other partner alot. We had to defend our choices. We had to bend to be patient with each other's insecurities about commitment. We had to break up and explore other options, only confirming that we still belonged together. We went through times of dealing with each other's rather large imperfections. We experienced all sides of both families. We got through discovery of ourselves. We supported each other in our various activities. We understood the insides and out of everything involved in being together. We got to help each other through tragedy. I felt that when we said I do we actually knew what was ahead of us. And I can say that being married is nearly the same as when we dated. I am still so much in love. I feel that KC truly is that person I was supposed to be with. And in fact moving across the country away from everything we know and love, has only made us become better friends and partners.

So Kase, I love you. Thank you for saying yes to going on a date with me. Thank you for getting through dating. And thank you even more for marrying me. Even though we have a more important anniversay, thank you for remembering today and reminding me that we have more to celebrate than just the past 7 months, we have years. I love you as my husband and I appreciate all that you do for me.


  1. GEEZ!!!! Way to make me cry! That was such a beautiful post. I can only agree that the two of you are perfect for each other. You are exactly what the other one needs. I'm glad I got to be part of some of those memories-good time and the not-so-good!
    I'm SO glad you were able to use he gift certificate and have a nice night out. Makes me happy!
    Love and miss ya tons and Yes-I agree we are due for a chat so I'll log on SOON!

  2. Aw, that was really sweet! You guys are so cute together and really good for each other too. Happy first date anniversary! ;)

    Oh yeah and we saw Josh at Hires tonight. Kind of a funny coincidence.

  3. Kels and I were just saying yesterday that we were going to leave a comment every day until you started blogging again. What a surprise to log on and find a post. SHOCK AND AWE!

    Ya'll are a great match. Congrats on 6 years! Keep on being good to each other :)

  4. How did you know Nastia was going to be there? She was there. And it was a really great meet. Baskett got a perfect 10 on the uneven bars and a standing ovation.

  5. Ooohhh....the tenderness....

    just kidding. It's awesome to find your best match, and know that it's totally right for you.

    I'm gonna keep looking for that, and hope for it in my life. I'll update you if I find him.

  6. Nice post, Vieve. I, too, remember the twitterpatting, fear and then courage over that first phone call. And those first feelings really have never changed. Way to go, and keep up all the good and hard work you two are famous for!

  7. SO sweet! I remember the day you called KC at good old DB and asked him out! Crazy that it has been six years! Love you two.

  8. That was so cute! You guys are such a sweet couple:) I am happy for you!