March 19, 2009

March Madness

March Madness tournaments started today. Thus, I have lost my husband for the next few hours and then again tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday. Not only did he claim today starts one of the best times of the year, he also found a new way to enjoy the games...

Notice the two different games going on

...two games at a time. I am not against march madness. In fact I always fill out the brackets and make a friendly wager (if betting is involve, I'm in). This year the winner of mine and KC's bet gets to choose the next place we eat out at, the key no whining from the other partner. I am really hoping I win, since KC is a very picky eater and there is a Mexican place I have been wanting to try (Casa de Nana). KC said, "Na na, I don't want to eat there" last time I suggested it. (If you didn't get that lame play on words, don't go back to read it, it isn't worth it). Anyway, here is my bracket...cross your fingers for me.

Other madness that is going on is that I have the last half of the week of for my staycation. I seriously needed a break from the madness at work and thus took off time to spend spring break with KC. Yesterday we slept in til 1pm and then hit a movie. I also scrapbooked with my friend Corissa. All in all, I could get used to not having responsibility.

Today, I am still in my PJ's and am full from having homemade waffles this morning. Since KC is consummed in march madness. I think I will take a note from mall madness and go shopping. I am dying to get into some spring clothes. And since I won't participate in the madness of the scrapbook expo this weekend, I think I may pick up some fun new supplies and get in a page or two today. It should be another good day.


  1. I love that photo of KC watching his TWO games at once-too funny and SOoo KC! I'm very happy to hear that you have the next few days off-yah!! You deserve it. I saw the ad for the Expo and thought of you-sorry you have to miss it-I'm sure Kelsey is very sad.
    I've tried to chat with you on skype but you're never there. Do you have a new user name? Thanks for the nice comment on my blog. It's always nice to know Gabby's family loves her.
    Catch up with you soon-hopefully! :)

  2. I can't believe you didn't pick the Utes to go all the way! Everyone thinks I'm crazy for picking them to go to the FINALS!!!

  3. Dumb Utah teams have already screwed up my bracket!! (Well, not the Y....I didn't have ANY faith in them at all)

    I'm sorry your missing the scrapbook expo again. I wish I could have gone. Oh well, I think if I only go every other year it will be cooler!