March 23, 2009

A More Perminent Title

It's official, according to the us govt, as of around 10am this morning I am now a Garner. It took me only 8 months to change to my married name. The main reason for procrastinating was loathing having to go to the social security office and stand in line. I shouldn't have waited because the offices here have many more sketchy individuals waiting with you, than those present in the salt lake office. I knew this was going to be an odd experience only minutes after pulling into the parking lot. I took the last remaining parking stall, which pissed off another car and thus they decided to park right behind my car for the next 25-30 minutes so that I couldn't get out. The individual to say the least was thuggish. I was fearful of what else was to come when I got inside the building.

I got my number and stood at the back of the room for my turn. Meanwhile I watched my car through the window making sure that it wasn't getting keyed by the individual spoken of earlier and jotting his license plate number down on my hand. The room was packed full of people, I assume most of which came to claim the benefits of soc. security and not to change their name. A man came and stood by me. He was in the line of sight between me and my car, so I kept glancing his way. I felt bad, not wanting him to think I was keeping an eye on him, since he was of a different race. After a few minutes of glances back to my car, he finally looked at me like "What is going on with you?". I decided to explain myself about the car and his response was, "huh...what are you hear don't look crazy like the rest of us". I told him that I was getting my name changed to my married name and he replied, "hope it works out." The only thing I could say back was, "me too." He then proceeded to tell me about how he had a girl and they split up but have two kids...and you know it doesn't always work out....anyway, I can say that I won't be changing my name anytime soon...if going back there is what happens when you get divorced, I won't be doing that.

Anyway, now the dilemma happens...I never really thought when I was a kid signing boys last names with my girlfriend that I would actually change my name someday. It's not as fun as I thought. I actually had to scribble around today trying to determine how to fit R's into the flow of my signature. Oh, what us girls do for our men...


  1. Too funny! I used to practice how I'd write my new name over and over again! I STILL find myself practicing cuz I haven't perfected it yet.
    I'm glad the pissed off car guy didn't go postal on you-some people are just plain crazy and YES you will find most of them in any type of government building-been to the Dept. of Worfforce lately- CRAZIES!!!

  2. I practiced "Garner" for 3 years before I could officially use it.

    I will share that originally I used a "technically" correct cursive "g" at the first and now I usually use a lazy one. I've changed my "r's" 3 times over the years. (And if you're thinking that I should spend my time more're probably right. But, I have spent years working on my handwriting. It's an obsession!!)

    I would have had a coronary over the possibility that someone was going to ruin my car. (And I'm sure I would have imagined that they would come in with a gun and shoot me too. That's why I cannot function in public places!!)

  3. You and Kristin tell the best stories :) When I changed my name I don't remember it being that crazy...but maybe that is because I am surrounded by "sketchy individuals" everyday and I am used to them. LOL. The DMV is the WORST. But that is not really because of the people-more about the long lines- only to find out that you have been standing in the wrong one for an hour.(and the workers are usually CRAZY too). Anyway congrats on finally changing your name. I like it- Genevieve Garner. It has a nice ring to it :)

  4. You're funny. I would have procrastinated a lot longer on changing my name, too, if not for the fact that I had to get a military i.d. as soon as I got to Ft. Bragg, and it just seemed less complicated to get it with Will's name. I just wasn't ready to give up my identity, ya know? It took a a year after I got my military i.d., however, to actually OFFICIALLY change it through social security. And my drivers licence STILL has my maiden name on it!