March 29, 2009


Yale University is the Alma mater for such people as:

Pras (a rapper/ the fugees)
Sarah Hughes (Gold Medalist/ figure skater)
Paul Giamatti (actor/"Lady in the Water"),
Meryl Streep (actress/"Mama Mia")
4 US Presidents ( Ford, Clinton, and both of the Bushs)

Those are just a few of the most recognizable alumni. The ivy league school is located in New Haven, Ct and the location of our latest adventure. Last time we went to New Haven, you may remember, we got to see the snow covered sand lining the ocean. We didn't go into the city, and it wasn't until we were leaving to get back to Springfield for a bball game that we noticed a sign directing traffic to Yale. So we made a mental note to return. And yesterday we did...

Me, with Yale buildings in the distance.

KC, looking cute. Look how old and cool the buildings are.

An intricate steeple.

The courtyard for students.


  1. Ah, beautiful, totally reminds me of Harvard!

  2. wow-that is so cool! The cathedral reminds me of France. I am SO jealous of all your fun adventures!!

  3. So pretty! I've been watching season 4 of Gilmore Girls lately and that is where Rory goes to college. It looks like such a cool school! =)

  4. geez....y'all are just so uppity now!