April 18, 2009

Ambulance Chase '09

My last post I mentioned a 5k KC and I had signed up for. Over the past two weeks we have been running 2 times a week together preparing to run this race. Since coming to Springfield I have dabbled in other exercises than running, still working out 4-5 times a week. But I wasn't into running as much, so I was a bit worried my time was going to be very high and I would get depressed at my set back. And despite a poor nights sleep due to a guy knocking on our neighbors door for 45 minutes at 4:30 am, I am happy to say that I came in at 26:34. So Krick and Mom I'll still be able to keep pace with you if we come back. My goal was to come in under 27 minutes, which I thought was going to be very difficult, but it wasn't. And you don't know how relieved I am at that.

This race was pretty cool, KC called it "all terrain". We ran on pavement, sidewalk, dirt, and grass. It was very "hilly" and the paths went all throughout the school grounds. It was the most interesting race I have run, as for scenery and path. The funny thing was that we were supposed to chase an ambulance, but the majority of the path wasn't fit for the vehicle, thus we only "chased" the ambulance for the first tenth of a mile. Kinda defeated that idea. Anyway, I am so glad we ran. And I want to thank KC for signing us up and for running with me. He did a great job and kept the same time as his last 5k.

Since we are on the topic of running, I found this easy ab workout for runners that I thought I would share. I have been doing this 3 times a week and I think it did help me be able to handle the all terrain run. My abs are still flabby, but the point of this is to strengthen your core not to necessarily give you a six pack. Thought I would just share it.


  1. Woo HOO!!! I am SO proud of you! I'm glad KC did the run with you too! I am looking forward to the Race for the Cure but am sad that I can only walk it. Oh well-it will be fun to go as a family!
    I hope you both had fun birthdays!

  2. Great job. Mom and I have been slacking on our running, so you could probably run circles around us right now. It's good to know someone in the family is still in tip top shape. You go girl!

  3. Way to go, Vieve! Hey, Krick, let's not call us slackers. We pulled off nearly 3 miles both Thursday, Friday and Saturday! We be good, but Gen be better. We'll run when we come out in May. Hope you had a great day. Talk soon. Mom