April 06, 2009


Life is just stressful as an adult, but lately I feel like we have gotten to an unbareable amount. With KC going into the final stretches of school he is constantly studying, at school, or just thinking about how he should be studying. Not to mention that he is applying for internships. And on my plate, my work let go another person last week, thus piling more onto my workload. And then I got bad news today, that made me feel absolutely underappreciated. That isn't something you want to hear after working 10 extra hours the week prior to. Gosh, being an adult is tough.

But luckily there is one thing that I can always rely on to make me feel like I can kick this crap in the butt. Today I especially needed an especially great workout. You may not believe me but I can really enjoy running a few miles, lifting weights, and accomplishing a new stride in my routine. Today, was especially good and I am so grateful that I didn't just go lay in bed and turn off the lights. Instead, I went to my boot camp class and seriously worked out all my stress and frustration. There is nothing better than sweating out your problems.

On this same note. Our neighbor, Steve, KC and I signed up for the upcoming 5k at the law school. I am so excited. I really thought that 3 years out here would pass and I would have not run a race. Usually at this time of year I am starting to prepare for the Race for the Cure. So this is a perfect opportunity to fulfill that competition desire of mine. And it helps me only get more involved in my day to day workouts.

And I definitely need to ramp it up, after eating at Casa De Nana's this weekend. If you can remember KC and I had a bet going about March Madness. Let's just say I won after the first weekend. I cashed in on Friday and picked a local mexican restaurant for dinner. It was the closest to La Cocina that we have come to. They even had dollar store sombrero's and fake parrots. No mole sauce though, instead they used chili. I didn't try it, probably pretty similar, I would think. And KC didn't like it so it must have been good mexican food.


  1. Hi Vieve. I feel for you and miss you and am proud that you are k'ing b--- out there in Mass. We went through photos yesterday during conference and sorted out piles. I went through yours again today, just to remember good ol' Vieve. You are/were/will always be soooo stinkin' cute! From black eye to pulled tooth to Christmas Crew, the evidence is there. Way to go on racing! I'm so glad you guys are in a race. Krick and I just finished running, hoping to keep up with you. Oh and the donuts were crappy yesterday, so you didn't miss much. And just think, twenty-five years ago tonight I was sliding down the slippery slide towards your birth and I couldn't have been happier. See you soon. MOM

  2. Mom just said everything I wanted to say.

    (1) You have a stack of photos
    (2) I totally understand the need for a good workout.

    On a side note we need to talk Boston. Have you looked into Sox tickets? Let's chat.

  3. I am SO with you on the hard workout at the end of a hard day-nothing better! I miss it SO much and can't wait to get back to the gym! Josh, Gabby, and I are doing the Race for the Cure this year so I will totally be thinking of you. It will only be 6 weeks after my surgery so I won't be running, but we will walk it as a family- i can't wait!!! Good luck on your 5K!! Hope your tomorrow is better. :)

  4. You're one of THOSE people!! Huh??

    I wish a workout made me feel better...it just makes me want to cry. And I certainly don't think of it to release stress. Oh well. If we all liked the exact same things the world would be boring.

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