April 30, 2009

This Week

A quick update from the east coast. Since I am terrible at phone calls...

KC started finals today. It's crazy that his first year of school will be done in a week. We both are in agreement that this is the fastest time has flown by. Before we know it he is going to be taking the BAR. But for now, we are going to have to survive the current week. It's hard on both of us. Finals for law students are nothing like finals for undergrads, it requires grilling the books, meeting with study groups, staying up late, dreaming about the exams (as KC did last night), and missing out on everything fun. Not to mention that we hardly get time to hangout together. And since stress is high, I have to really remain calm about everything, so as to not send him over the edge. But it will all be worth it in the end, or I sure hope so.

While KC is studying, I've been having to keep myself entertained. I have been making improvements to our apartment to make things look great for our first visitors of many. My mom, Krick, and Kelsy arrive in 3 weeks from today! It is going to be so much fun to show them where we live and to hang out with my girls. I seriously can't wait, but there is definitely work that has to be done before they arrive. I hung pictures this weekend in our front room (yes, it only took me 8 mos.). And I'll be working on the bedroom pictures this weekend. Plus a million other things. But it will be ready girls!

I also joined my girlfriend Corissa's church softball league. We had our first practice over the weekend. I totally suck! But I am not going to let that hold me back from continuing. It was so refreshing to get out into the sun and move around. And though I didn't get on base, I did hit the ball, and catch it (most of the time). Our first official game is next Thursday, maybe I'll get pictures...maybe.

And lastly National Scrapbooking Day is Saturday, so I am planning to take advantage of KC being gone for a long final and make more headway on my wedding album. I've been scrapbook every Tuesday with Corissa and almost finished with our move album. I had learned that moving away from scrapbook stores was probably the best thing for me. I have had to use my stash. Not only have I saved money, but I finally am using some great products that have been sitting in my bag. I recommend putting yourself on a hiatus of going to the stores and use only what you have at home. It's pretty fun. If I come up with anything great this weekend, I'll consider being a good blogger and scan it in. For now, that's all folks..


  1. Oh man...finals again!!! Wish him good luck for us!
    I love the fact that you joined a softball team-way to try something new and adventurous! and you're not in high school anymore so no one can say it means you're a lesbian! :)
    Have fun scrapbooking! :)

  2. Gen tell KC good luck. I hope all goes well with getting things in order. Miss you!